The 46 Best Middle Names for Hazel

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A brown haired girl

Baby Hazel is on the way…


Not to put a fly in your ointment, but…

Have you decided on her middle name yet?

Picking a first name is hard, but it gets a lot of attention from new parents. The middle name is equally challenging but often gets pushed until the last minute.

So I’ve been creating my guides to picking a middle name, with lists of the best middle names for any first name.

Without any further ado, here are my favorite and the best middle names for a girl named Hazel.

I’ve compiled these from baby name databases, parent discussion forums, and other sources then whittled them down to the ones I personally think sound the best.

Hope it helps!

Middle names ideas for a girl named Hazel

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Here are some unique, classic, girly, cute, and versatile middle name ideas for your bouncing baby.

I hope you find what you’re looking for on this list, but if not, it should serve as a good starting point!Alice

  1. Hazel Angela

  2. Hazel Anne

  3. Hazel Bree

  4. Hazel Brynn

  5. Hazel Catherine

  6. Hazel Dawn

  7. Hazel Eden

  8. Hazel Eleanor

  9. Hazel Elise

  10. Hazel Elizabeth

  11. Hazel Esther

  12. Hazel Eve

  13. Hazel Evelyn

  14. Hazel Faith

  15. Hazel Faye

  16. Hazel Florence

  17. Hazel Georgina

  18. Hazel Grace

  19. Hazel Isabel

  20. Hazel Isla

  21. Hazel Jayne

  22. Hazel Joan

  23. Hazel Josephine

  24. Hazel Joyce

  25. Hazel June

  26. Hazel Katherine

  27. Hazel Lee

  28. Hazel Leigh

  29. Hazel Lily

  30. Hazel Louise

  31. Hazel Lucille

  32. Hazel Madison

  33. Hazel Mae

  34. Hazel Margaret

  35. Hazel Marie

  36. Hazel Meredith

  37. Hazel Nicole

  38. Hazel Olivia

  39. Hazel Paige

  40. Hazel Pearl

  41. Hazel Renee

  42. Hazel Rose

  43. Hazel Ruth

  44. Hazel Skye

  45. Hazel Victoria

  46. Hazel Vivienne

My personal favorite middle names for Hazel? Definitely Hazel Mae and Hazel Leigh — I think those one-syllable options sound great, but you should pick whatever sounds right to you!

Meaning of the name Hazel

Hazel, of course, is a reference to the hazel nut and specifically the hazel nut tree.

As far as meaning, it’s often interpreted as a symbol of protection and authority according to Nameberry.

Compared to a lot of other popular contemporary choices, Hazel is a relatively new name.

It didn’t gain a lot of widespread popularity until the 1900s, and the late ones at that!

It started as a popular name for celebrity babies, but nowadays you’ll meet Hazels almost everywhere.

(It’s a particularly popular name for brown-eyed or brown-haired girls, though you won’t know for sure until she comes out!)

Wrapping Up

Whether you choose Mae, Leigh, or Elizabeth as a middle name, Hazel is a beautiful first name for a baby girl.

Hopefully you liked one of the options above! But if not, you should go with a family name or even your second-choice first name (if they sound good together!).

And if you’re not totally sold on Hazel, you might check out my guides for Abigail, Eleanor, or Scarlett.

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Hope this helps, new parents.