The 49 Best Middle Names for Lucas

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Best middle names for Lucas

Coming up with the perfect name for your new bundle of joy can be stressful, especially when receiving reactions from friends and family who have a “better” name in mind.

With most parents admitting that finding the right baby name took them months, it’s no surprise that there are tens of thousands of books and websites helping parents find the ideal name.

Unfortunately for new parents, there are actually two names you need to choose. Choosing a great middle name can be almost as important as your child’s first name, but is often treated as an afterthought.

To help with this important decision, I’ve created my Middle Name series! Quick, curated lists of exceptional middle names that go with any name you might have already chosen.

Ready to dive in? Scroll down the page to find a list of the best middle names for a boy named Lucas!

I’ve compiled these from baby name databases, parent discussion forums, and other sources then whittled them down to the ones I personally think sound best.

Hope it helps!

The importance of picking a good middle name for your son

Though most middle names are hardly used or worse (I’m sure we all know a few that are hidden out of embarrassment), they’re actually pretty important to have!

The right middle name just might quell a family feud or become a savvy nickname!

With all these benefits, it’s clear: Picking the right middle name deserves more attention than it currently gets.

Here are 3 big reasons you should think carefully and do your research when picking a great middle name that goes well with Lucas.

A middle name lets you preserve family or other important names

If your family is important to you, or you just want to pay tribute to a beloved ancestor, selecting a family member’s name as your child’s middle name is a great way to preserve family history.

Have a grandfather who’s angry that you named Lucas after Star Wars director George Lucas instead of him? Make grandpa and George Lucas happy by throwing in grandpa’s name as a middle name!

All jokes aside, middles names are a great opportunity to pay homage to those you care about, whether they’re a passed relative, childhood friend, or personal role model.

Make sure to give it some thought so hopefully, both names will compliment each other and make your family happy in the process.

Their middle name can, and might, become their nickname

Children can be ruthless, and with classes often having kids with the same first name, your child’s middle name might become his new one.

Adopting their middle name as their new nickname opens your child up to potential embarrassment or harassment if you’ve chosen unwisely.

Make sure to give kids strong middle names that fit perfectly with their first and last name, saving them from bullying and you from picking them up from school because they’re “sick”.

With a good middle name, it also gives your child options. Many use their middle name in professional settings, or even go by that name full-time when they become older!

With the right middle name, you’re setting your child up for the future.

The full name power play

There is nothing more frightening to children than hearing their full name come out of their parent’s mouth, especially when they’re guilty of something.

When the middle name flows just right, this power play gets even more frightening, becoming the best possible tool in your parental toolbox.

Though I don’t recommend choosing a middle name based on how much trouble you think your child will cause in the not so distant future, this alone is a good enough reason to pick a great name.

Middle name ideas for a boy named Lucas

Middle ideas for a boy named Lucas

With all of these great reasons, it’s time to get into the list!

Remember parents, these are just ideas. Hopefully, this list will get your imagination going or maybe even contain your perfect name!

  1. Lucas Adam

  2. Lucas Aiden

  3. Lucas Alexander

  4. Lucas Andrew

  5. Lucas Arthur

  6. Lucas Bailey

  7. Lucas Beck

  8. Lucas Benjamin

  9. Lucas Blake

  10. Lucas Bram

  11. Lucas Caleb

  12. Lucas Carter

  13. Lucas Christopher

  14. Lucas Conrad

  15. Lucas Daniel

  16. Lucas Dean

  17. Lucas Earl

  18. Lucas Edward

  19. Lucas Elias

  20. Lucas Elijah

  21. Lucas Emerson

  22. Lucas Everett

  23. Lucas Flynn

  24. Lucas Finn

  25. Lucas Francis

  26. Lucas Gabriel

  27. Lucas Graham

  28. Lucas George

  29. Lucas Grant

  30. Lucas Grayson

  31. Lucas Hawthorne

  32. Lucas Henry

  33. Lucas Isaac

  34. Lucas Jack

  35. Lucas Jordan

  36. Lucas Joeseph

  37. Lucas Joshua

  38. Lucas Kent

  39. Lucas Liam

  40. Lucas Logan

  41. Lucas Mason

  42. Lucas Matthew

  43. Lucas Nathan

  44. Lucas Noah

  45. Lucas Owen

  46. Lucas Porter

  47. Lucas Rhett

  48. Lucas Samuel

  49. Lucas Tobias

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Meaning of the name Lucas

According to BabyCenter, Lucas is a form of Luke or Lucius, meaning “light-giving” or “illumination” and descending from Luke, the author of the third gospel of the New Testament.

Lucas has skyrocketed in popularity, currently ranking 5th in the United States and a great name choice for boys!

What’s wonderful about a name like Lucas is that it has strong historical, biblical, and Latin roots, giving serious authority to the name!

Wrapping Up

Those are just a few of my favorite names that go well with Lucas, but by no means is it an exhaustive list.

Hopefully, you found a few you like! If not, you might like this cool resource from Mom Junction with more middle name ideas based on syllables and more.

Tell me in the comments which ones are your favorite, or just your favorite middle names for boys in general!

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Good luck, parents!