The 47 Best Middle Names for Amelia

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Best middle names for Amelia

Congratulations on your baby girl!

You’ve already figured out her first name, so now for the fun part – choosing a middle name!

Making this decision for your newborn can be an exciting but potentially overwhelming task. With endless possibilities, you may wonder which middle name truly complements your daughter’s name.

That’s why I’ve created my guides for picking the perfect middle name. Quick lists you can peruse to help make your decision — you’re bound to fall in love with at least one!

Without any further ado, scroll down the page to see a list of the best middle names for a girl named Amelia.

I’ve compiled these from baby name databases, parent discussion forums, and other sources then whittled them down to the ones I personally think sound best.

Hope it helps!

The importance of picking a good middle name for your daughter

Your daughter’s middle name is one that she will carry with her throughout her entire life.

Of course, middle names aren’t 100%, legally necessary, but they give our names a little bit of extra flavor. And truth be told, they come in handy every now and then.

Ultimately, your daughter’s name makes her unique and gives others a sense of who she is!

Here are 3 reasons you should think long and hard about your daughter’s middle name before you decide.

A middle name lets you preserve even more family or other important names

Some families take a more traditional route and base their decision upon a relative’s name.

For example, you might choose to name your daughter Amelia Sue after your late Aunt Susan.

Others may wish to make middle names a family heirloom.

If family origins date back to the 1500s and you may not want to lose that authenticity!

Their middle name can, and might, become their nickname

It is common for a middle name to overpower the first name. Sometimes, the child may simply prefer her middle name.

Other times, it may be easier to pronounce or spell. Did you know that Reese Witherspoon’s actual name is Laura Jeanne? This is totally plausible for your daughter!

It is also possible for the first and middle names to combine and become one name. Have you met a Sarah Lee or an Anna May?

Some prefer to use their middle name with their first because they flow so well together.

Use caution when determining a middle name, however. Kids will be kids, which means your daughter may be teased or mocked if they have an unusual middle name.

The last thing you want is for your daughter to be ashamed or embarrassed, so keep this in mind when deciding.

Regardless, a middle name holds great potential. Therefore, choosing your daughter’s middle name holds just as much importance as her first.

The full name power play

Want to know one of the most important tools in your disciplinary toolbox as a parent.

Yep, you guessed it:


Nothing strikes concern into the heart of children who’ve misbehaved quite like this lethal combination.

Choose a middle name that rolls off the tongue for maximum impact.

Middle name ideas for a girl named Amelia

Middle name ideas for a girl named Amelia

As Amelia is three-syllables, a one-syllable middle name may be best suited for your needs.

Even so, I have included middle names with one, two, and three syllables to give you a wide variety of options.

Hope you like some of these! Again, they’re just some of my favorite ideas to get you started.

  1. Amelia Anne/Ann

  2. Amelia Barbara

  3. Amelia Belle

  4. Amelia Beth

  5. Amelia Blair

  6. Amelia Blythe

  7. Amelia Bree

  8. Amelia Brooke

  9. Amelia Bryn/Brynn

  10. Amelia Caroline

  11. Amelia Christine

  12. Amelia Daisy

  13. Amelia Eden

  14. Amelia Elise

  15. Amelia Elle

  16. Amelia Emme

  17. Amelia Eve/Evelyn

  18. Amelia Faith

  19. Amelia Faye/Fay/Fey

  20. Amelia Grace

  21. Amelia Hope

  22. Amelia Ivy

  23. Amelia Jade

  24. Amelia Jane

  25. Amelia Jean

  26. Amelia Jo

  27. Amelia Joy

  28. Amelia Juliet

  29. Amelia June

  30. Amelia Kate/Cate

  31. Amelia Kay

  32. Amelia Louise

  33. Amelia Marie

  34. Amelia May/Mae

  35. Amelia Nicole

  36. Amelia Noelle

  37. Amelia Paige

  38. Amelia Pearl

  39. Amelia Rees

  40. Amelia Rose

  41. Amelia Ruby

  42. Amelia Ruth

  43. Amelia Sage

  44. Amelia Shea/Shae

  45. Amelia Skye

  46. Amelia Sue/Susan

  47. Amelia Violet

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Meaning of the name Amelia

The girl’s name Amelia actually has a pretty interesting background!

According to BabyCenter, Amelia is a blend of two Medieval names: Emilia and Amalia. Together they mean “industrious” and “striving.”

Amelia is definitely growing in popularity these days, though its common use can be traced all the way back to Amelia Earhart and beyond.

Good nicknames for Amelia are Amy, Mel, Millie, and Emma.

(Need a sibling name for Amelia? Check this list.)

Wrapping Up

Those are just a few of my favorite names that go well with Amelia, but by no means is it an exhaustive list.

Hopefully, you found a few you like as well. If not, you might like this cool resource from Mom Junction with more middle name ideas based on syllables, and more.

Tell me in the comments which ones you like, or just your favorite middle names for boys in general.

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Good luck, parents!