The 47 Best Middle Names for Chloe

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A toddler girl with headband

I bet you can’t to meet baby Chloe.

There’s just one problem:

You haven’t figured out what her middle name is going to be yet.

Should you honor a loved one? Use your backup first name as a middle name? Or just choose something that sounds good?

This is exactly what I’ve been creating my middle name guides — lists of middle names that pair perfectly with any first name.

Without any further ado, here are the best middle names for a girl named Chloe.

I’ve compiled these from baby name databases, parent discussion forums, and other sources then whittled them down to the ones I personally think sound the best.

Hope it helps!

Middle name ideas for a girl named Chloe

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Here are some of my favorite unique, cute, girly, and classic middle name choices for Chloe.

Hopefully you find “the one” on this list, but if not, maybe it’ll get your name-pickin’ gears turning!

  1. Chloe Alexandra

  2. Chloe Annabelle

  3. Chloe Anne

  4. Chloe Arianna

  5. Chloe Aurora

  6. Chloe Avery

  7. Chloe Bernadette

  8. Chloe Beth

  9. Chloe Bethany

  10. Chloe Blair

  11. Chloe Danica

  12. Chloe Eleanor

  13. Chloe Elizabeth

  14. Chloe Estelle

  15. Chloe Eve

  16. Chloe Faye

  17. Chloe Flora

  18. Chloe Florence

  19. Chloe Francesca

  20. Chloe Francis

  21. Chloe Gayle

  22. Chloe Genevieve

  23. Chloe Georgina

  24. Chloe Grace

  25. Chloe Harper

  26. Chloe Isabelle

  27. Chloe Jane

  28. Chloe Juliet

  29. Chloe Lynn

  30. Chloe Marie

  31. Chloe Michele

  32. Chloe Nicole

  33. Chloe Noelle

  34. Chloe Olivia

  35. Chloe Ophelia

  36. Chloe Patricia

  37. Chloe Quinn

  38. Chloe Rae

  39. Chloe Renee

  40. Chloe Rose

  41. Chloe Sage

  42. Chloe Serena

  43. Chloe Sophia

  44. Chloe Taylor

  45. Chloe Theresa

  46. Chloe Violet

  47. Chloe Vivian

My favorite middle names for Chloe are Chloe Francesca and Chloe Serena.

I like how these multi-syllable names flow so trippingly off the tongue when they’re paired with the name Chloe. There are so many great options, take your time and pick the one that sounds the best to you!

Meaning of the name Chloe

According to BabyCenter, Chloe is a name that comes from the Greek “Khloe,” meaning “young green shoot,” “verdant,” and “blooming.”

The name appeared in Greek mythology to represent Demeter, the fertility goddess.

The name Chloe is one of the most popular baby names throughout history, coming in at number 29 on the popularity list for 2020.

(Other popular names for girls nowadays include Elizabeth, Amelia, and Aria.)

Chloe also appeared in the Bible, in the New Testament, as a convert of St. Paul.

Some other famous Chloes are actresses Chloë Sevigny and, love her or hate her, Khloé Kardashian.

Wrapping Up

Whether your search ended here or if you’re still looking, I hope you’ll leave a comment below with your favorite middle name for baby Chloe.

I might just add it to my list to help other parents!

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