The 48 Best Middle Names for Charlotte

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Best middle names for Charlotte

People haven’t always used them, but middle names have definitely been around for quite some time.

According to Time magazine, middle names in the US were mostly used as a way to keep family ties strong, while still allowing people the freedom to go by different names over the years.

A person’s middle name often becomes his or her preferred name, and it can have a giant impact on one’s self-image. It’s no wonder that people spend a ton of time searching Google for the perfect middle name!

That’s why I’ve been putting together my Middle Names series. So with a quick glance, you can find the perfect middle name for your daughter!

Without any further ado, here are the best middle names for a girl named Charlotte.

I’ve compiled these from baby name databases, parent discussion forums, and other sources then whittled them down to the ones I personally think sound the best.

Hope it helps!

The importance of picking a good middle name for your daughter

Okay, so middle names may not be necessary, but they still make a big difference!

You might not be legally required to give your daughter a middle name, but the odds are good that all of her friends will have one. Do you really want to constantly have to explain to her why she doesn’t?

Seriously, though, that extra name between your daughter’s first and last can have a lot of benefits.

Here are 3 big reasons you should think and research carefully about a good middle name that goes well with Charlotte.

A middle name lets you preserve even more family or other important names

One of the main reasons the middle name became popular in the first place was its ability to strengthen family ties. Why make yourself pick between honoring your mom or your sister? Or even more importantly, your mother-in-law?

How do you choose just one person?! Well, with a middle name you don’t have to! All you need to do is to make sure that the names flow together nicely!

If you have multiple female figures in your family that are important to you, then using a middle name gives you the opportunity to recognize more than one of them in your daughter’s name.

Their middle name can, and might, become their nickname

Kids love nicknames! Who knows why?

Maybe it’s because they feel special, or maybe it makes them feel important, or it could just be fun for them. No matter what the reason, nicknames often form from middle names.

A middle name also comes in handy when you have kids with the same first names. It definitely helps out the teachers that have five Marys or Jennifers in their classroom.

In fact, many people opt to go by their middle names full-time. For some kids, they just like the idea that, in a way, they got to pick the name that they use.

Therefore, it’s essential that you steer clear of any embarrassing names.

Say your child’s full name out loud in several different ways to see how it sounds. You might be surprised how that cute name you put down on paper turns into something borderline ridiculous when you speak it out loud.

The full name power play

Nothing strikes fear into a child’s heart quite like the classic full-name warning.

This universal signal, delivered by parents everywhere, can make even a grown man wince. “STEVEN ANTHONY BANKS, WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR ROOM?!” Scary, right?

Every child knows that when mom plays the FULL NAME card, it means BIG trouble.

So, parents, test out your options for your child’s full name by practicing this warning.  The easier it rolls off of your tongue, the easier it will be to handle any future behavior issues… in theory.

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Middle name ideas for a girl named Charlotte

Middle name ideas that go with Charlotte

And now, the moment you all have been waiting for, the list!

Remember, this is a list to get your brain in gear to zone in on middle names. It’s a great starting point, and I am sure you will find some great middle names to go with Charlotte!

  1. Charlotte Adair

  2. Charlotte Adelle

  3. Charlotte Anne

  4. Charlotte Avery

  5. Charlotte Belle

  6. Charlotte Beth

  7. Charlotte Blair

  8. Charlotte Dee

  9. Charlotte Elaine

  10. Charlotte Elena

  11. Charlotte Elise

  12. Charlotte Elizabeth

  13. Charlotte Faith

  14. Charlotte Fay

  15. Charlotte Gail

  16. Charlotte Grace

  17. Charlotte Haley

  18. Charlotte Hope

  19. Charlotte Isabelle

  20. Charlotte Jade

  21. Charlotte Jane

  22. Charlotte Jean

  23. Charlotte Jo

  24. Charlotte Joy

  25. Charlotte Joyce

  26. Charlotte June

  27. Charlotte Kate

  28. Charlotte Kathryn

  29. Charlotte Kim

  30. Charlotte Laine

  31. Charlotte Leigh

  32. Charlotte Louise

  33. Charlotte Lynne

  34. Charlotte Mae

  35. Charlotte Marie

  36. Charlotte May

  37. Charlotte Nicole

  38. Charlotte Olivia

  39. Charlotte Paige

  40. Charlotte Pearl

  41. Charlotte Rae

  42. Charlotte Reese

  43. Charlotte Renee

  44. Charlotte Rose

  45. Charlotte Ryan

  46. Charlotte Skye

  47. Charlotte Taylor

  48. Charlotte Wren

My favorite middle names are Charlotte Wren and Charlotte May. I like some of the one-syllable choices, but there are plenty of other beautiful options to choose from.

Meaning of the name Charlotte

According to BabyCenter, Charlotte is a French name, and the feminine form of the name “Charles.”

It means “petite,” “free man” and “feminine.”

The name dates back to at least the 14th century and has been a common name for royalty. It has grown in popularity over the years, becoming the #8th girl’s name in 2019.

Some famous Charlottes are author Charlotte Brontё, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, and the famous spider in the children’s classic Charlotte’s Web.

Some other interesting names for Charlotte are Carlotta, Charlie, and Lottie.

Wrapping Up

Those are just a few of my favorite names that go well with Charlotte, but by no means is it an exhaustive list.

Hopefully, you found a few you like as well. If not, you might get some more ideas from my guides to middle names for Claire or Grace.

Tell me in the comments which ones you like, or just your favorite middle names for girls in general.

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Good luck, parents!