65 Reward Ideas for Kids (And brain-science explained)

Parenting isn’t all that hard.

(Sarcasm incoming!)

There’s really nothing to it except:

  • Keeping your child alive
  • Making sure they’re properly fed
  • Getting them enough sleep
  • Helping them do well in school
  • Teaching them to be good, moral people

You know. Just those couple of little things.

And when it comes to getting your child to do, or not do, the things you need them to on their way to becoming fully-functioning and healthy adults, you often need a two-pronged approach.

You can use rewards, and you can use punishments or consequences.

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30+ Essential Statistics About Fathers in 2020

You might have guessed from the name of my blog, but I think dads are super important.

And it’s not just me! The science and data backs me up pretty well.

So if you’re looking for some fatherhood statistics that show why dads matter, or just some interesting facts and data on the impact of fathers, look no further.

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I tried Artkive to organize my toddler’s art (Honest Review)

Artkive box review

Any parent of a toddler who goes to school knows this problem well:

The absolutely endless influx of artwork that enters your house on a daily basis.

Yes, it’s cute! It’s adorable! It’s a piece of history!

It’s also incredibly annoying when the pile starts to take over entire rooms in your house.

I’ve written before about some different storage solutions for this particular problem, but there was one, in particular, I really wanted to try first hand:

The Artkive box — It’s a box you fill up with your kid’s art and send off in the mail. A few weeks later, you’ll get a professionally bound book filled with photos of the art. Much easier to store!

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35 Fun Activities to Do with Your Toddler At Home

Toddler activities for home

You’re not really a parent to a toddler until you’ve thought:

“What the heck am I supposed to do with my kid all day?”

The easiest ways to keep a toddler busy and wear them out usually involve going outside. Going to parks, riding bikes, playing in the yard, etc.

But what if you’re stuck inside with a toddler? What are the best toddler activities you can do at home?

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9+ Ways to Be a Better Dad According to Science

Dads matter.

You probably already knew that, and so did I.

But don’t take it from me. Because the science on the subject is clear as day.

Children with good, loving, actively involved fathers have better outcomes in life.


  • Have healthier relationships
  • Make more money & have more career success
  • Have less psychological problems
  • And often have higher IQs than their peers

That’s not to denigrate single mothers! Or lesbian couples! And it doesn’t doom kids who grow up without a father for one reason or another.

But if you’re alive and well, you owe it to your kids to be the best possible father you can be.

The question is: How exactly can you be a better dad?

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1T vs 12 Month Baby & Toddler Clothing Size Explained

Figuring out baby sizes is like walking through a bewildering maze of cuteness.

Darling dresses, cuddly rompers, or teeny tiny suits grab for your attention as you’re shopping for your one-year-old, but when you have to choose a size, you could be offered 9-12 months, 12 months, 12-18 months, 1T, or 1-2T.

You won’t see all of these sizes everywhere, but in case you do:

What’s the difference between 1T vs 12 months clothes?

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50 Perfect Sibling Names for Emma (Brother or Sister)

If you’re expecting baby number two (or three or more), you already have a good idea about what you need to do to prepare for your new arrival. But, you also need to find a perfect name once again.

There might be plenty of names you love, but it’s different when you have more than one child. Not only do you want a name that sounds great, but you also have to consider how it sounds with your other kids’ names.

People spend tons of time searching all over the place for a perfect sibling name match. You can quickly lose track of all the ideas and which will work the best.

To help you along this journey, here are the best sibling names for a girl named Emma.

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50 Perfect Sibling Names for Declan (Brother or Sister)

Congratulations! You’re about to add another kid into the mix, and you know it will be great but busy. You also are probably wondering how the new addition will mesh with your other kids.

A top priority with a new baby is choosing a great name. But, when you have more than one child, you also want to pick a name that works well with your other kids’ monikers. You need something that rolls off the tongue and flows.

People spend hours searching Google for the perfect baby names. But, it can take a toll on your energy when trying to find a name and match it up with other names.

So here we are with the best sibling names for a boy named Declan.

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50 Perfect Sibling Names (Brother or Sister) for Charlotte

Expanding your family creates a lot of new challenges and possibilities, along with lots of extra joy. You likely wonder how your kids will interact with each other, how different or alike they’ll be, and if they’ll behave or get into mischief together.

Once again, you find yourself trying to figure out a great name for your baby. Only this time, you also want to make sure it sounds good when you say all your kids’ names together. You test out every option by saying it out loud with your other child’s name.

You can read a bunch of books or spend hours and hours searching online to find some great name options. But, you might get a bit overwhelmed and settle on something that isn’t your favorite choice.

Without any further ado, here are the best sibling names for a girl named Charlotte.

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Show & Tell Activity Explained (Benefits, Drawbacks & Examples)

There are so many things that both children and parents look forward to in the elementary school years.

There are fall festivals, holiday performances, field days, school picnics, and learning to read just to name a few.

One of the simple joys of childhood that many parents remember and children look forward to is show and tell.

Have you ever wondered why Show and Tell is such an elementary school staple? Is it just a fun activity, or is it actually an important part of the lesson plan?

Let’s take a close look at the Show and Tell activity, from why teachers do it, to how parents can help their kids prepare.

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50 Perfect Sibling Names (Brother or Sister) for Lily

Adding to the family with another child is a significant change, exciting, and full of possibilities.

Now you have a new bundle of joy on the way, and your son or daughter will have a sibling to play (and fight) with.

You obviously want to choose a name for your new child that you love. But, when you have multiple children, you also need to consider how their names sound together. Especially if you ever have to fuss at all of them simultaneously — the names need to roll off the tongue naturally. (Just kidding.)

People spend tons of time searching books and online for the perfect baby name. But, it can get overwhelming trying to find a great name that also is a good sibling match.

So with that in mind, here are the best sibling names for a girl named Lily.

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The 50 Best Middle Names for Dylan (Boy)

It’s so exciting when you’re preparing for a new baby, but it’s also really busy.

It can get overwhelming trying to plan all the different parts of impending parenthood. You need to prepare the nursery, figure out a feeding and sleeping routine, and decide on your baby’s name.

A person’s name significantly influences how others perceive them. It also determines a lot about what your son will think about himself.

Considering how large a role a person’s name plays in their life, it makes sense people spend so much time looking at baby names.

But if you devote all your Google searching to finding a great first name, you might lose steam looking for a great middle name.

That’s why I’ve been putting together this middle names series. So with a quick glance, you can find the perfect middle name for your son!

Without any further ado, here are the best middle names for a boy named Dylan.

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The 50 Best Middle Names for Hope

When you’re expecting a baby, there’s a lot to think about.

Suddenly you’re spending all your time picking out nursery decorations, choosing diapers, scheduling doctor’s appointments, and learning lots of new things. One of the biggest things you probably spend your time on is finding a name for your baby.

A person’s name plays a major role in their life. It influences how others see them and also how they feel about themself. 

Unsurprisingly, people spend hours and hours scouring Google for the perfect first name for their babies. It’s a big deal.

But if you devote all your efforts to finding the first name, the middle name might slip through the cracks.

That’s why I’ve been putting together my middle names series. So with a quick glance, you can find the perfect middle name for your daughter!

Without any further ado, here are the best middle names for a girl named Hope.

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Should You Put Blackout Curtains in the Nursery? (Pros & Cons)

You’re likely here for one of two reasons. 

First, you might be the first-time parent researching how to prepare for your little one’s arrival, trying to decide which nursery items you need to pick up.

Or, you could be the parent of a baby who just won’t sleep when you want them to! You’re the parent with the sign on the doorbell saying “Please don’t ring, baby sleeping,” flinching at any noise during naptime, and you’re ready to try anything for some relief.

After all, babies can be a lot of work, and we all just need a nap to last more than 30 minutes (or at least some peace and quiet).

Blackout curtains, essential oils and sound machines are among the most popular options to turn to for a baby in need of some kind of sleep aid.

Blackout curtains are proven to have a positive effect on baby’s ability to fall asleep more easily and sleep longer, but are also not for every baby.

So should you put blackout curtain in a nursery?

Photo by no film/Flickr

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The 50 Best Middle Names for Charlie (Girl)

If you’re getting ready to have a baby, you already know how busy it makes your life.

It’s exciting, but it involves a lot of planning and decision-making. One of the biggest decisions is what you’ll name your baby.

A person’s name influences how others see and feel about them. It also plays a prominent role in how your daughter will feel about herself. 

When you consider how big a deal a name is, you can see why so many people devote all their time to finding the perfect first name.

But if you spend all your time looking for first names, what happens with the middle name?

That’s why I’ve been putting together my How To Pick A Middle Name series. So with a quick glance, you can find the perfect middle name for your daughter!

Without any further ado, here are the best middle names for a girl named Charlie.

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