Watch a Dad and His Identical Twin Hilariously Confuse Baby in Viral Video

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Playing with babies is so fun.

Everything is magical to them. Show them a block and then hide it behind your back. They’ll be amazed!

Pull a quarter out of their ear. Astonished!

But have you ever seen adult twins interacting with babies?

If not… you’re missing out!

Screenshots via Stephen Ratpojanakul / Facebook

Dad Stephen Ratpojanakul, who is a twin himself, decided to have a little fun with his identical brother and baby son, Reed.

Stephen was smart enough to capture the moment Reed met his twin brother Michael on video, and it’s pure gold.

Naturally, baby Reed’s brain instantly gets frazzled. He gets confused, looking back at forth between these two men who look identical.

They both even wear glasses and have the same haircut!

(Not even a fair fight, if you ask me.)

Stephen and Michael pass Reed back and forth and take turns removing their glasses, for a little extra fun.

Reed reaches for both of them and calls them “”Dada!” and it’s the most adorable thing ever.

Watch the full video from Stephen’s Facebook right here.

You probably already know that babies can recognize their parents from a very, very young age.

But did you know that their first methods of recognization are actually smell and the sound of your voice?

Quickly, though, babies as young as a few months old can recognize the faces of their parents and other people they see often.

But their recognization is not overly complex at this point, so you can see how the concept of identical twins would scramble their little brains!

It’s all in good fun, and as parents in the early throes of the baby days (sleep deprivation, stress, overstimulation), dads like Stephen deserve a little laughter.