Baby Formula Mixed Wrong: Now What?

effects of too much baby formula

I remember the days of mixing formula extremely well.

We used to make big jugs of formula at night that would give us plenty for the next day.

The process was simple, but treacherous: Fill the jug with the right amount of water, carefully count out the scoops of formula, stir thoroughly.

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The 3 Best Cribs for Twins (in small spaces)

Babies take up a ton of space.

And so do their cribs.

So can you imagine living in a small apartment or house, stressing out about where to put the new baby and all of his/her stuff…

… and then finding out you’re having twins?

If you’re here, you probably can.

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6+ Reliable Ways to Warm Formula & Breastmilk On the Go

When it comes to food, baby’s earliest days are, quite frankly, a bit of a nightmare

Breastfeeding is an enormously difficult and tiring job for mom. And formula feeding has plenty of headaches as well.

(You haven’t lived until you’ve forgotten how many scoops of formula you added to an entire jug of the mixture and had to dump the whole thing and start over.)

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Baby Crib Dimensions (plus 13 examples)

When you’re getting the nursery ready for a new baby, everything revolves around one thing:

The crib!

It’s the centerpiece of the room, and it’s pretty much your baby’s home for the next couple of months, at the very least.

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