The 3 Best Cribs for Twins (in small spaces)

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Babies take up a ton of space.

And so do their cribs.

So can you imagine living in a small apartment or house, stressing out about where to put the new baby and all of his/her stuff…

… and then finding out you’re having twins?

If you’re here, you probably can.

It’s just simple math that if one baby takes up space, two babies will definitely take up way more. (Now where’s my Nobel?)

But if you’re looking for the best crib for twins in small spaces, you might be in luck, because there are some pretty good options out there depending on your budget.

Let’s dive in to my top picks.

Romp & Roost Play Yard54″40″30″$Not a great permanent solution, but very convenient.
*My pick: DaVinci Emily Mini Crib39.5″28″37.9″$$Beautiful and classically styled mini crib. (You’ll need 2.)
Whitney Brothers Two Level46″27″58″$$$Brilliant design saves a ton of floor space.

What to look for in a compact crib for twins

When it comes to figuring out how you’ll handle the layouts in your twins’ room, you have a ton of options.

But there are also a few things you can eliminate right off the bat.

If space is tight, there’s just no way two full size cribs are going to work. A full size crib clocks in at over 4 feet long and 2 feet wide… and that’s just for one!

Two full size cribs in one room would pretty much take up the whole thing. In a small apartment or house, that’s completely out of the question.

Some of the things you might want to take a look at are:

Mini cribs:

You can find mini cribs that look and feel like standard cribs in most ways, but take up less space. You can stack two of these next to each other (or on opposite sides of the room) and save a ton of square footage. The only downside is that kids outgrow mini cribs faster because, well, they’re smaller.

Pack n’ Plays & portable solutions:

There are actually some GREAT portable crib options that are specifically built for twins (you’ll see one below). These collapsible or foldable options are usually made of mesh or vinyl and can be moved from room to room, or easily packed up for trips. (A trip with twins! Ayayay.) The downside to a solution like this is that they might actually be a little too small, and the babies might end up feeling a little crammed together before too long.

High-end twin crib designs:

Some designers and manufacturers have gotten really creative when it comes to space saving twin crib ideas. I’ve seen long, L-shaped cribs with a divider in the middle (for nestling into a corner), and other intriguing designs meant to save you space. Some of these are great options (see one below), but they might stretch your budget. And I’d also be really, really careful about making sure any funky crib designs meet your own safety standards and comfort level before you buy!

With that in mind, I’ve dug deep in the research and picked out a few really cool options to get you started trying to crack the puzzle of your new twins’ room!

Good luck.

Best Budget Crib for Twins in Small Spaces: Romp & Roost Oversized Play Yard with Removable Divider

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Overview: This piece from Romp & Roost is essentially a pack and play, but it’s great for sleeping and comes with a divider down the middle (removable) which makes it perfect for twins.

The portability wheels are a huge plus, it’s made from mesh for comfort and ventilation, and the entire thing collapses for easy travel. Your twins will outgrow this one before too long, but for the price and convenience it’s one of the best options for those first weeks and months after the twins come home.

(You can also get this one on Prime shipping from Amazon and have it at your house in around 2 days.)

Size: 54L x 40W x 30H (inches)

Total Floor Space: About 15 square feet

Why I love it: It’s just a simple, elegant, and super convenient solution to the problem of having twins in a tight space.

It serves multiple functions as both a play space and a sleeping space, and the divider is removable depending on whether you want the twins to be able to interact or not. There’s a padded support with a fitted sheet in the bottom, so it’s super cozy, and reviewers online mention that it’s pretty simple to fold up for travel. (It collapses to about 37×11 inches)

It’s also going to be really, really hard to beat this price when it comes to a sleeping space for your twins. In their very earliest days, you’ll probably want them in rockers or something closer to your bed. But when the time comes for them to sleep on their own, this will be absolutely perfect while taking up about the same amount of room as a standard crib.

Potential Drawbacks: It’s hard to imagine this being a permanent sleeping solution for your twins beyond the first 6 months or so.

Eventually, they’ll need a little more room to stretch out, and as they become more mobile they could pull down the divider in the middle and wreak some havoc in the middle of the night. It’s also not a super beautiful piece decor-wise, so you might want to keep your eye open for a more furniture-like piece as they get older.

Check the latest price and read real customer reviews of the Romp & Roost Play Yard on Amazon.

Best Mid-Range Crib for Twins in Small Spaces: DaVinci Emily 2-in-1 Mini Crib (x2)

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Overview: I mentioned that mini cribs can be especially useful for twins, and the Emily mini by DaVinci is one of the best affordable options on the market.

(Remember, you’ll have to buy 2! So cost-effectiveness is key.)

This is exactly what a crib should look like, and it’s extremely sturdy and well-built, so it’ll last as long as the twins fit inside.

It comes in three colors (white, ebony, and espresso).

Size: 39.5L x 28W x 37.9H (inches)

Total Floor Space: About 7.6 square feet each, or 15.3 sq. ft.

Why I love it: When you’re putting your nursery together, you start to kind of have a vision of what it’s going to look like. And a beautiful crib is often the centerpiece.

The pack and play above is super convenient, but not exactly an eye-catcher. The Emily mini from DaVinci is beautiful and classic. It functions pretty much exactly like a normal crib, it’s just significantly smaller. Two of these should easily fit side by side or on opposite walls of a standard room without too much trouble.

Probably the best part? The Emily converts to a twin size bed when your toddler is ready for it. So these should last you and your twins quite a while.

Potential Drawbacks: You might hit a bit of an awkward phase where your toddler is getting a little big for the mini crib (it is small, after all) but not quite ready for the toddler bed.

That’s kind of the cost of mini cribs in general… the small space is convenient, but easily outgrown.

Check the latest price and read real customer reviews of the DaVinci Emily on Amazon.

Best High-End Crib for Twins in Small Spaces: Whitney Brothers Space Saver Two Level Crib

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Overview: If you’re looking for a truly unique and innovative design, and you’re REALLY tight on space, definitely check out this piece from Whitney Brothers.

It’s a double decker, bunk bed style system that makes excellent use of floor space, with the lower crib sliding in and out for access.

It doesn’t come cheap, but it’s got a serious cool factor and will save you an absolute ton of space with twins in a small house or apartment.

Size: 46L x 27W x 58H (inches)

Total Floor Space: About 8.6 square feet

Why I love it: Did you even think it was possible to fit two babies in less than 9 square feet of floor space?

You could truly only do that using a double decker design like the one utilized by the Whitney Brothers two level crib. This thing is super innovative, and well-designed for functionality, too. It should last your twins up to about 6 months before they outgrow its relatively modest size. Plus, despite its hefty price, it includes both crib mattresses.

Potential Drawbacks: Not all parents will be comfortable with the lower crib being “covered,” so to speak, and the higher crib being so elevated off the floor.

Definitely be careful as your twins begin to grow mobile. They’ll also outgrow it before too long and it doesn’t convert into a toddler bed.

This one is for people with very little space but enough budget for a really awesome solution.

Check the latest price and read real customer reviews of the Whitney Brothers two-level crib on Amazon.

Wrapping Up

Don’t fret! There are plenty of choices available to you when it comes to sleeping your twins.

But there’s no way around it… they are going to take up a lot of space. Not just their crib, but their toys, supplies, and clothes, too.

Double everything!

Hopefully one of the options above catches your eye, or at the very least can serve as a starting point for your own research.

For my money, I would probably double up on the DaVinci Emily mini cribs since they’ll last the longest, aren’t too expensive, and turn into toddler bed. But they do take up the most space overall. Your own room size will determine what you ultimately need.

Check out the DaVinci Emily on Amazon.

Good luck new moms and dads!