Do Babies Have Gills in the Womb?

Do babies have gills

When I first found out how many people ask or wonder about this question, I was stunned:

Do babies have gills in the womb?

They can’t be serious, right?

But the more I thought about it, the more the question made sense. After all, babies need oxygen, and while in the womb they’re submerged in amniotic fluid.

So how do they breathe?

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4 Surefire Ways to Buy Pre Assembled Cribs & Nursery Furniture

Setting up the nursery before baby comes can be really exciting.

In theory.

When it comes down to actually painting the walls, shopping for furniture like swings and dressers, choosing a baby monitor, and assembling the crib, you might start to wonder what you got yourself into.

Like any home improvement project, designing and building a nursery can take a lot of time!

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3 Best Strollers for Short Moms & Dads (Joggers, umbrellas & more)

As a short parent myself, I feel your pain.

I’m about 5′ 5″, and I already know the frustration of cribs, strollers, and other baby gear that just aren’t built for me.

When it comes to strollers, there’s nothing worse than a model that’s too tall for your frame.

Pushing your baby around for long stretches should be comfortable, not torture! When the handlebars are too high, it definitely feels like the latter.

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Paternity leave laws by state (Details on all 50)

About to become a new father?


You have so many things to plan for and be excited about. Building the nursery, learning to change diapers, and learning to survive on little to no sleep.

But right now you have to figure out what to do those first few weeks after baby comes home. Can you stay home with mom and the baby and get paid? How much unpaid leave can new dads take? What will happen to your salary and benefits when you go back to work?

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