The 50 Best Middle Names for Eva

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A new baby brings joy, happiness, and…. unending questions and decisions!

At least it feels that way when you’re expecting. You have to decide where your baby will sleep, eat, and everything else.

The biggest decision, though, is what you’ll name your baby.

Considering how important a name is, it’s understandable that parents spend hours searching for the perfect first name. 

But if you focus all of your energy on the first name, you might burn out before finding a great middle name.

That’s why I’ve been putting together my How To Pick A Middle Name series. So with a quick glance, you can find the perfect middle name for your daughter!

Without any further ado, here are the best middle names for a girl named Eva.

I’ve compiled these from baby name databases, parent discussion forums, and other sources then whittled them down to the ones I personally think sound the best.

Hope it helps!

Middle name ideas for a girl named Eva 

Let’s get right into it… the list!

These are real suggestions from real parents of real Evas. Below are the best runners-up, or even their first choices they actually used. I’ve also thrown in a few middle name ideas of my own.

  1. Eva Abigail

  2. Eva Annabelle

  3. Eva Arabella

  4. Eva Ashlyn

  5. Eva Bree

  6. Eva Bridget

  7. Eva Brielle 

  8. Eva Camilla

  9. Eva Carlotta

  10. Eva Caroline

  11. Eva Christian

  12. Eva Claire

  13. Eva Danielle

  14. Eva Deanne

  15. Eva Delilah

  16. Eva Faye

  17. Eva Florence

  18. Eva Gabrielle

  19. Eva Gayle

  20. Eva Grace

  21. Eva Gwendolyn

  22. Eva Isabella

  23. Eva Jacqueline

  24. Eva Jade

  25. Eva Jane

  26. Eva Jasmine

  27. Eva June

  28. Eva Katherine

  29. Eva Kathleen

  30. Eva Kendall

  31. Eva Loraine

  32. Eva Louise

  33. Eva Mackenzie

  34. Eva Marianne

  35. Eva Marie

  36. Eva Michelle

  37. Eva Monique

  38. Eva Nadine

  39. Eva Natalia

  40. Eva Noelle

  41. Eva Penelope

  42. Eva Rebecca

  43. Eva Reese

  44. Eva Renee

  45. Eva Selena

  46. Eva Skye

  47. Eva Sofia

  48. Eva Tabitha 

  49. Eva Victoria

  50. Eva Willow

My favorite middle names for Eva are Eva Michelle and Eva Renee.

I like how these two-syllable names flow so well with the name Eva. There are so many choices, though, so you should pick the ones that sound the best to you!

Meaning of the name Eva

According to BabyCenter, Eva is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “life.”

It also is a form of the name Eve, reminiscent of Eve and Adam in the garden of Eden. Another meaning is “living one.”

Eva is number 73 on the popularity list for girl names for 2022. It has moved down about 5 spaces since 2021. 

Some famous people with the name Eva are actress Eva Jacqueline Longoria and Eva Peron, the former First Lady of Argentina (and the subject of the popular Broadway musical, Evita).

Wrapping Up

Didn’t fall in love with anything on the list?

Try this:

Visit some parenting discussion forums like Nameberry, Babycenter, or even Reddit. Use the search function to find “middle names for Eva” and you’ll uncover tons of old threads that are full of ideas. You can even start a new thread to get some fresh input.

Next, have you considered any other names? There’s Arabella, Belle, and Valentina, to name a few.

Finally, here are some guides that might help in your early days with the baby:

Hope this helps!