The 50 Best Middle Names for Clara

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Picking a name for your baby is an enormous decision.

It stays with them for the rest of their lives, and not only that, it can actually play a role in how other people see them!

Just don’t forget to set aside some time to pick a good middle name, OK?

This is why I’ve been putting together my middle name guides — so with just a glance, you can get some great middle name ideas for your daughter.

Without any further ado, here are the best middle names for a girl named Clara.

I’ve compiled these from baby name databases, parent discussion forums, and other sources then whittled them down to the ones I personally think sound the best.

Middle name ideas for a girl named Clara

Let’s have a look at the list, shall we?

Most of these ideas come from real parents of real Claras, plus I’ve thrown in a few of my own best ideas to help get your brainstorm off on the right foot.

  1. Clara Allison
  2. Clara Autumn
  3. Clara Beth
  4. Clara Bow
  5. Clara Camille
  6. Clara Cassidy
  7. Clara Celeste
  8. Clara Daisy
  9. Clara Danielle
  10. Clara Dawn
  11. Clara Elizabeth
  12. Clara Ellen
  13. Clara Eloise
  14. Clara Eve
  15. Clara Fawn
  16. Clara Faye
  17. Clara Gordon
  18. Clara Irene
  19. Clara Iris
  20. Clara Ivy
  21. Clara Jade
  22. Clara Jane
  23. Clara Jean
  24. Clara Joy
  25. Clara June
  26. Clara Kate
  27. Clara Lexi
  28. Clara Louise
  29. Clara Love
  30. Clara Lune
  31. Clara Madison
  32. Clara Mae (May)
  33. Clara Margaret
  34. Clara Meredith
  35. Clara Michelle
  36. Clara Page
  37. Clara Paige
  38. Clara Rachel (Rachelle)
  39. Clara Rae
  40. Clara Rosalie
  41. Clara Rose
  42. Clara Ruth
  43. Clara Ryan
  44. Clara Shane
  45. Clara Sky
  46. Clara Starr
  47. Clara Teal
  48. Clara Tess
  49. Clara Vivian
  50. Clara Willow

My favorite middle name for Clara is Clara Dawn. Typically, one-syllable middle names sound the best with a first name of two syllables.

What’s more, “Dawn” means “the first appearance of light at daybreak.” Therefore, this middle name definition blends with the “bright, blear” meaning of the first name “Clara.”

Combine “Clara” and “Dawn” together, and you get the meaning of “bright, clear light at daybreak.”

Meaning of the name Clara

If you know the meaning of your baby’s first name, it helps you choose a middle name that complements it.

Clara means “bright, famous or clear” according to Behind the Name.

It originates from the Latin Clarus and made popular by Saint Clare of Assisi in the 13th Century.

Silent film actress born in 1905 also known as The It Girl went by the name of “Clara.” Her middle name was Gordon.

More recently, you might be familiar with Fast and Furious 6 actress and mode Clara Elizabeth Iris Paget.

Wrapping Up

Didn’t find anything you liked on the list? Don’t worry!

Check out some discussion forums for parents like Babycenter or Nameberry. Search the archives and you’ll find tons of old threads filled with ideas. You can even start a new thread and solicit some help.

Next, why not consider a different girls name? You could try Genevieve, Delilah, or Paige.

Finally, here are some guides that might help you get ready for baby. Check them out before you go!

Hope this helps!