Everything you need to know about the Quiet Coyote hand signal

Looking for a ‘be quiet’ hand gesture?

Quiet coyote is a hand signal which is often used by teachers and parents as a non-verbal sign to instruct children to stop speaking and listen.

To use it, you simply make your hand into the shape of a coyote with a closed mouth and pricked-up ears.

Featured in the Disney movie Soul, the quiet coyote signal can be a very effective method of silencing a large group of children in a positive and empowering way.

However, the hand signal is very similar to some other gestures and salutes, some of which have negative connotations.

Read on to find out where the quiet coyote sign originated from, the meaning of quiet coyote, the psychology behind it, and why you may want to think twice about using it with your children.

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Diapers vs Pull-Ups (Difference & when to switch explained)

Have you ever sat in the store staring at boxes in the baby aisle …

… and wondered:

“What the heck is the difference between diapers and pull-ups?”

They look almost exactly the same, come in similar sizes, and do the same thing, too!

(Though one usually costs a little bit more than the other.)

So what’s the difference, and how do you know if you should be using one or the other?

Diapers vs pull-ups in a nutshell:

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These Are the 3 Best Fully Reclining Strollers for Newborns

One of the first things you should know about newborns is…

… they can’t hold their head up on their own!

Their little neck muscles just aren’t strong enough for the first month or more.

This is a huge factor when it comes to infant safety in strollers.

Most strollers for newborns will offer a significantly reclined seating position (if it doesn’t, beware… it’s probably not suitable for kids under 6 months), but the best, safest, and most comfortable position for newborns is full incline, or flat.

So what are the best fully reclining strollers for a newborn (strollers that lay flat)?

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7 Things You Need to Know About Washing Baby Clothes

I’m pretty clueless about laundry.

Thankfully, as a dude, the majority of my clothes are simple. Throw them in on whatever wash cycle I feel like, haphazardly toss them in the dryer on basically any heat, and whala!

But when it comes to your kid’s clothes, and baby clothes in particular, you’ll want to be a little more mindful.

That begs the question: How do you wash and dry baby clothes properly without shrinking them?

How to wash baby clothes

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Can’t Get Car Seat Tight Enough? 9 Fixes to Try Right Now

Installing car seats is no one’s idea of a good time.

Most of us parents want to, ideally, do it once and then never think about it again.

But it’s not always that easy.


  • it’s your first time putting the seat in
  • you’re moving it to a new car
  • you’re installing a rental car seat
  • you’re adjusting a seat that’s come loose
  • you’re turning the seat around for your toddler
  • or you’re putting in a brand new car seat

SO many people run into this problem: They can’t get the car seat tight enough!

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33 Awesome & Unique Nicknames to Call Your Stepdad

Make no mistake about it: Stepdad is a super important job.

Any proper father figure in a child’s life is important, and when the biological father can’t be around some or all of the time, it’s up to the new man in that child’s life to step up.

More involvement from dads and stepfathers correlates strongly with better outcomes for kids in almost all areas, this much is clear.

What’s not clear is… what should kids call their stepdad?

For a lot of kids, it feels weird to call their stepdad or step-father “dad.” Maybe it’s something they’ll be comfortable with eventually, but maybe not.

So here are the best nicknames for stepdads and how to come up with your own.

Baby grabbing at dad's sunglasses

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What to Do if Your Toddler Drinks Spoiled Milk (Don’t panic!)

I seriously can not tell you how many close calls I’ve had.

In the baby days, parents are HYPER diligent about perfectly tracking, mixing (if using formula), and sterilizing bottles used for milk.

Once the toddler years come and milk is sort of an optional, ‘whenever the kid feels like it’ endeavor, you tend to end up with a lot of half-finished sippy cups of milk lying around the house.

(And in between couch cushions and rolling around on the floor of your car. Just admit it, we’ve all been there.)

So it’s a common problem and a common question: What happens if your child or toddler drinks some old, spoiled milk?

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4T vs 4 Kids’ Clothes: What’s the Difference? (Explained)

Keeping your kids clothed is actually quite a challenge.

They grow so fast, and the stuff you bought them last season will be way too small by the time the weather will allow them to wear it again.

So you’ll find yourself refreshing their wardrobe often.

Sizing is usually pretty simple, but it gets a little tricky once your kid is about 4 years old.

What’s the difference between 4T vs 4 clothes for kids?

4t vs 4 size

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The 50 Best Middle Names for Belle

When you have a new baby on the way, it brings a whole new set of decisions into your life.

Now you’re thinking about nursery decorations, diaper brands, and daycares.

You’re also sifting through tons of names, looking for the best name for your baby.

When you think about the significance of a name, it’s no surprise that people spend so long looking for the best first name.

But, if you devote all your Google searches to finding a great first name, you’ll burn out when it comes to the middle name.

That’s why I’ve been putting together my How To Pick A Middle Name series. So with a quick glance, you can find the perfect middle name for your daughter!

Without any further ado, here are the best middle names for a girl named Belle.

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The 50 Best Middle Names for Bailey

Prepping for baby’s arrival involves a ton of different moving parts.

You have to gather all kinds of supplies, decorate the nursery, schedule doctor’s appointments, and plan your routine.

Plus, and likely most important, you need to decide on a name for your baby.

A person’s name, believe it or not, influences what people think about them. Your daughter’s name will also play a large role in how she feels about herself.

When you think about how big a deal a person’s name is, you can see why people spend so much time searching for their baby’s name.

But if you devote all of your name searching to finding a perfect first name, you might run out of time finding a middle name.

That’s why I’ve been putting together my How To Pick A Middle Name series. So with a quick glance, you can find the perfect middle name for your daughter!

Without any further ado, here are the best middle names for a girl named Bailey.

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