50+ Boy and Girl First Names That Go With the Last Name Taylor 

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As a child of the ’90s, my mind immediately goes to “Tim The Toolman Taylor.”

But jokes aside, Taylor is a fantastic last name. It sounds cool and is easy to remember, but it’s not common enough to become totally forgettable.

Tons of first names sound good with Taylor, but that can actually be a detriment to your efforts to narrow down your baby name list.

So let me help.

Here are some of the best boy and girl first names that sound good with the last name Taylor.

I’ve compiled these from baby name databases, parent discussion forums, and other sources, then whittled them down to the ones I personally think sound the best.

Hope these ideas help!

50+ Girl First Names That Go with Taylor

Let’s traipse into the list!

This is just enough to start you off. Hopefully you find the one here! It’s a good list, in my opinion, filled with real suggestions from real parents named Taylor. I’ve also included a few ideas of my own.

  1. Abigail Taylor
  2. Angela Taylor
  3. Angelica Taylor
  4. Angelique Taylor
  5. Annabelle Taylor
  6. Ansley Taylor
  7. Aria Taylor
  8. Aurora Taylor
  9. Birdie Taylor
  10. Cassidy Taylor
  11. Chelsea Taylor
  12. Coraline Taylor
  13. Dania Taylor
  14. Danielle Taylor
  15. Darby Taylor
  16. Daria Taylor
  17. Dixie Taylor
  18. Dominique Taylor
  19. Evelyn Taylor
  20. Faith Taylor
  21. Fern Taylor
  22. Fiona Taylor
  23. Freya Taylor
  24. Gloria Taylor
  25. Hannah Taylor
  26. Helena Taylor
  27. India Taylor
  28. Isabelle Taylor
  29. Iva Taylor
  30. Jem Taylor
  31. Jessica Taylor
  32. Joyce Taylor
  33. Julia Taylor
  34. Kelsey Taylor
  35. Kelly Taylor
  36. Kayla Taylor
  37. Kaylie Taylor
  38. Kit Taylor
  39. Kylie Taylor
  40. Lark Taylor
  41. Lori Taylor
  42. Magdalen Taylor
  43. Maleeah Taylor
  44. Margaret Taylor
  45. Michelle Taylor
  46. Minka Taylor
  47. Mira Taylor
  48. Monica Taylor
  49. Monique Taylor
  50. Nina Taylor
  51. Nova Taylor
  52. Olive Taylor
  53. Olivia Taylor
  54. Paisley Taylor
  55. Penelope Taylor
  56. Polly Taylor
  57. Posey Taylor
  58. Sally Taylor
  59. Sasha Taylor
  60. Sisi Taylor
  61. Sky Taylor
  62. Sienna Taylor
  63. Sierra Taylor
  64. Sophia Taylor
  65. Suri Taylor
  66. Tamryn Taylor
  67. Vienna Taylor
  68. Vanessa Taylor
  69. Veronica Taylor

50 Boy First Names That Go with Taylor

  1. Aaron Taylor
  2. Adrian Taylor
  3. Aidan Taylor
  4. Benjamin Taylor
  5. Callum Taylor
  6. Cameron Taylor
  7. Daniel Taylor
  8. Daniel Taylor
  9. Dominic Taylor
  10. Dominic Taylor
  11. Dylan Taylor
  12. Elliot Taylor
  13. Ellis Taylor
  14. Ethan Taylor
  15. Felix Taylor
  16. Finn Taylor
  17. Flynt Taylor
  18. George Taylor
  19. Harry Taylor
  20. Henry Taylor
  21. Hugo Taylor
  22. Jake Taylor
  23. James Taylor
  24. Jason Taylor
  25. Jensen Taylor
  26. Liam Taylor
  27. Louie Taylor
  28. Luke Taylor
  29. Mason Taylor
  30. Max Taylor
  31. Nicholas Taylor
  32. Noah Taylor
  33. Oakley Taylor
  34. Oliver Taylor
  35. Oscar Taylor
  36. Patrick Taylor
  37. Paul Taylor
  38. Rhys Taylor
  39. Richard Taylor
  40. Ruben Taylor
  41. Rupert Taylor
  42. Sam Taylor
  43. Scott Taylor
  44. Sebastian Taylor
  45. Seth Taylor
  46. Stanley Taylor
  47. Theo Taylor
  48. Theo Taylor
  49. William Taylor
  50. Zachary Taylor

I love so many of these names! But my favorite boy first name for Taylor would have to be Mason Taylor. For a girl, I love something old school like Sally Taylor!

Meaning and Origin of the Last Name Taylor

The last name Taylor is of English and Scottish origin and is an occupational name for (get ready to be shocked) a tailor.

The name is derived from the Anglo-Norman French word “taillour,” meaning tailor, and was originally adopted from the medieval job description after the 12th century.

The surname is quite common in Britain and Ireland, along with most English-speaking nations.

Some famous people with the last name Taylor include Elizabeth Taylor, the legendary English-American actress; James Taylor, an American singer-songwriter; the late football safety Sean Taylor, and many, many more.

Wrapping Up

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