Baby & Kid Toothpaste vs Adult Toothpaste Explained for Parents

My wife always jokes that if there’s a Hell, it involves brushing a toddler’s teeth over and over for all of eternity.

Can’t say I disagree!

Keeping your kid’s teeth clean is tough. They can’t sit still, they LOVE sugar, and you need to keep a steady supply of special toothpaste.

Or do you?

What’s actually the difference between baby and kid toothpaste vs regular adult toothpaste? Do you need to buy special toothpaste or can everyone in your household use the same?

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Baby Sunscreen vs Regular Adult Sunscreen Explained for Parents

Taking baby to the pool or beach can be a giant ball of stress.

You need a ton of supplies, swim diapers, special floaties, and of course, oodles and oodles of sunscreen.

After all, there’s nothing worse than a sunburnt baby!

A lot of parents obsess over buying the right sunscreen for their baby or newborn and end up spending a fortune on high-end creams and lotions.

It begs the question: What’s the difference between baby sunscreen vs adult sunscreen? Does it matter or can you just use whatever’s cheapest?

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Try To Remember the Weird Sh*t Your Kids Say

One of the biggest challenges of being a parent is keeping your shit together around your kids.

Sure, When they’re little, they do little kid stuff like drawing on themselves, the couch, the wall, and the dog in a very black, thick, and hard-to-get-off Magic Marker. Or they whizz in their pants when you’re a whopping five minutes from the front door. Or if you’re raising boys, they pee everywhere that isn’t a toilet. Or these minor demons refuse to eat when you let them pick out every ingredient on the plate.

(God, how many times have you made Kraft Macaroni and Cheese or pulled out a cheese pizza from the freezer? Most adults need a multiyear detox after the kids’ palates expand.)

But I’m not talking about those kinds of moments of small furies.

Instead, it’s when kids say things that make you clasp your hand over your mouth, look away and pretend what they just said wasn’t hilarious. 

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Baby Laundry Detergent vs Regular Detergent Explained for Parents

Your first time doing baby laundry can be a harrowing experience.

So many things to worry about! Shrinking onesies, colors running, and worst of all, wondering if the detergent will irritate your baby’s skin.

This is precisely the reason special, baby-formulated laundry detergent is so popular.

But let’s be real — do you need to buy this so-called ‘gentle’ stuff? What’s the difference between baby detergent vs regular detergent, and does it matter or can you just buy whatever’s cheaper?

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Baby Vaseline vs Regular Vaseline Explained for Parents

Oh, diaper rash.

The bane of many parents’ existence! (Especially if you send your baby to daycare.)

Luckily, we parents have many, many weapons in the fight against diaper rash, including tons of creams and lotions like Vaseline.

But you might be wondering: Do you need to spring for the baby-formulated Vaseline, or is the regular version just fine?

What’s the difference between Vaseline Baby vs regular Vaseline? Can I use regular Vaseline on my baby?

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Baby Shampoo vs Regular Adult Shampoo: Is There a Real Difference?

Your first time giving baby a bath is quite a nerve-wracking experience.

You’ll be worried about the temperature of the water, crying, pooping, and of course, getting shampoo in their eyes!

You’ll undoubtedly wonder if you chose the right shampoo, if it’s gentle enough, if it’s good enough to get them clean.

What’s the deal with baby and infant shampoo anyway? What’s the difference between baby shampoo vs regular adult shampoo?

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Baby Powder vs Talcum Powder Explained for New Parents

It’s a well-known phenomenon that products branded for women will almost always come marked up.

If it’s pink, it costs more! That’s the rule!

But there’s something similar that happens with baby products. Sometimes it’s hard to know if you need to pay more for the baby version, or if the generic adult version will do just fine.

So let’s examine: What’s the difference between generic talcum powder vs baby powder?

Photo by Mike Mozart/Flickr

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I Haven’t Saved Enough Keepsakes from My Son’s Baby Years. Am I A Failure?

In the filing cabinet upstairs, I retrieve the beautiful keepsake box my mother gave me when my son was born almost two years ago. Still in its packaging, the personalized “vault” contains over 50 labels to show what, as parents, we’re supposed to save.

As I read through them–pregnancy test, birth story, important firsts–I can’t help but feel like a failure, as I don’t have most of these things.

And the guilt has been weighing on me.

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10 Ways To Guarantee Your Daughter Will Have Daddy Issues

According to the Urban Dictionary, “Daddy Issues” Is “When a girl has a messed up relationship with her dad. Usually the father’s fault. Either he left or is acting like a total bitch.”

Not sure how accurate that is, but I did laugh out loud.

In layman’s terms, Daddy Issues refer to a dysfunctional father/daughter relationship resulting in a myriad of issues for the daughter ranging from a lack of self-esteem (check), people pleasing (check), falling for emotionally unavailable men (CHECK!!!)

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50+ Boy and Girl First Names That Go With the Last Name Taylor 

As a child of the ’90s, my mind immediately goes to “Tim The Toolman Taylor.”

But jokes aside, Taylor is a fantastic last name. It sounds cool and is easy to remember, but it’s not common enough to become totally forgettable.

Tons of first names sound good with Taylor, but that can actually be a detriment to your efforts to narrow down your baby name list.

So let me help.

Here are some of the best boy and girl first names that sound good with the last name Taylor.

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