Write For Dad Fixes Everything – Parenting Writer Jobs

Hey there! Thanks for coming by the site.

I am looking to grow Dad Fixes Everything and expand the types of content and voices readers see on the site, so I am interested in finding some really good parenting / fatherhood writers who’d like to contribute.

Right now, I am looking for pitches in these categories:


These are explainers that answer common questions parents (especially new parents) might have.

Think the kind of article you would go to Google to look for.

Some examples on the site would be:

They’re straightforward and never go out of style.

If you have ideas I haven’t covered before, I’d love to hear them!

Pro tip: Take a second and Google the topics before you pitch them. If they’ve been done to death already, try to dig deeper.

Opinion / Essay

This is new ground for Dad Fixes Everything!

But I would love to hear from real dads, moms, and other caregivers about their experiences and opinions regarding parent stuff.

Really looking for people who can perfectly synthesize universal themes, writing that doesn’t shy away from the struggles of parenting.

I’m open to hearing what you would love to write about.

Here’s an example we published recently.


If there’s a news item that pertains to parents (parental leave, childcare costs, etc.), I’d love to have a write-up on the site.

In either case, I would really like to see some samples of your writing along with your pitch(es).

This is a paid writing gig, as in, the writer gets paid.

NO guest posts, NO paid posts, NO link swaps, nothing like that. Don’t even try me!

You can email me at evan at dadfixeseverything dot com with your ideas and rates.

Looking forward to chatting!