The 9 Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Marietta, GA

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Marietta Square with shops and restaurants
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Do you tense up at the thought of going out to eat in public with your kids?

Don’t worry, every parent does at some point; you just never know how kids will react to the food or how they’ll behave.

That’s why choosing the right place to eat is so essential; where you go can make all the difference in your overall experience.

And if you live in Marietta, Georgia, consider yourself lucky — there are a bunch of great family-friendly restaurants in Marietta!

So what are the best kid-friendly restaurants in Marietta, GA?

Here’s my list in no particular order:

  1. Taqueria Tsunami
  2. Moxie Burger
  3. West Cobb Diner
  4. The Red-Eyed Mule
  5. The Local Marietta
  6. Good Kitchen+Market
  7. Twisted Kitchen
  8. The Pirate’s Boil
  9. Stockyard Burgers & Bones

(P.S. I actually live in Marietta, and a number of these are my personal faves!)

Below, I’ll explain what kinds of food each restaurant has, some highlights from the kid’s menu, and share a little about the atmosphere and what makes each one so great for children.

1. Taqueria Tsunami

A delicious meal from Taqueria Tsunami in Marietta GA
Photos courtesy of Taqueria Tsunami

Food type: Latin & Asian Fusion

Kid’s menu highlights: Kids can choose from yummy bites like chicken or beef tacos, fried or grilled shrimp, chicken fingers, or a cheese quesadilla. Every meal is served with a drink and comes with either tortilla chips, tater tots, or fries.

On Tuesdays, dine in the restaurant and score a free kid’s meal with every adult entree purchased!

Kids menu and activities from Taqueria Tsunami

What Marietta families are saying: Visitors to this eatery say that the tacos are to-die-for, and it’s one of their favorite local spots.

The service at Taqueria Tsunami is excellent! The staff is very sweet and attentive, which makes a big impact when you’re dining with kids.

Even when it’s very busy, the staff seats you quickly, always a plus when kids are involved. You can actually relax and enjoy your meal (and a margarita)!

I’m a big fan of sitting out on the patio here with my daughter and some delicious tacos and queso.

Check out Taqueria Tsunami here.

2. Moxie Burger

Food type: American, Burgers, Sandwiches, Salads

Kid’s menu highlights: Featuring American classics like grilled cheese and chicken fingers, the kid’s menu also sports fun items like the Puppy Dawg hot dog and the ‘Lil Burger. Every meal includes a fountain drink and fries, or you can sub in some unique tidbits like zucchini fries or pickle chips.

They also offer apple juice, white, and chocolate milk, as well as fruit cup or side salad add-ons, making it easier to choose some healthy options for the kiddos.

What Marietta families are saying: This family-friendly restaurant is a favorite of locals for its great food, warm staff, and reasonable prices.

When the weather is nice, guests love to dine on the patio, which also is dog-friendly for those of you with canine fur babies. There’s also a wood-chipped play area for kids, plus some children’s books and games you can borrow for the table.

Guests with special diet requirements appreciate that there are both turkey and veggie options available when it comes to the burgers, as well as a number of healthy options to enjoy.

Moxie is one of my absolute favorite places to grab a burger and sit outside with my family.

Check out Moxie Burger here.

3. West Cobb Diner

Food type: American, Southern, Comfort Food

Kid’s menu highlights: Get the kids a classic like PB&J or Mac & Cheese; or let them get adventurous and try a corn dog or even a turkey dinner, among other classic favorites. Each meal is served with a drink and a veggie side like broccoli casserole, fried okra, mashed potatoes, and a whole lot more.

There is a really wide assortment of sides to choose from, making it more likely to find a winner for even the pickiest of eaters!

What Marietta families are saying: Locals can’t imagine not having this incredible restaurant in their area. It’s a favorite to many regulars.

Save room for dessert; they are all made locally and are on display in a glass case that kids will love to see.

It’s a nice atmosphere with friendly and inviting staff. You gotta love this spot!

Check out West Cobb Diner here.

4. The Red-Eyed Mule

Exterior and sign for Red Eyed Mule
Photos courtesy of The Red Eyed Mule/Facebook

Food type: Breakfast and Burgers

Kid’s menu highlights: You don’t need designated kid’s meals when there are so many kid-friendly options to choose from on the regular menu. Let the little ones try a delicious breakfast sandwich or Belgian Waffles, or grab a burger and fries for lunch.

Kids will also have a blast sampling some vintage sodas to drink along with their meal.

Chicken and waffles brunch from The Red Eyed Mule Marietta GA

What Marietta families are saying: This bustling restaurant hits the mark with its breakfast.

People love the great diner atmosphere, friendly staff, and great prices.

Don’t let the line scare you!

The staff is amazing and efficient and keeps it moving quickly; because who wants to wait forever when you have kids with you!

Whatever you order, have it with a side of grits – absolutely the best!

Check out The Red-Eyed Mule here.

5. The Local Marietta

Food type: Comfort Food

Kid’s menu highlights: From a cheese omelette to french toast for breakfast, or chopped steak to popcorn shrimp for lunch, The Local has something for even the most judicious young eater.

Do your kids need some extra encouragement?

Try a reward from the Sweet Tooth Menu, which features a long list of amazing desserts from Butterfinger cheesecake to chocolate cream pie or bread pudding.

What Marietta families are saying: People claim that The Local has the best chicken and french toast.

Despite its popularity, there’s never trouble getting seated quickly; a win when you’re keeping kids entertained.

Plus, the staff is great and accommodating!

You can expect a warm welcome, flavorful food, and overall pleasant experience. Many guests say it’s the best place to eat in Marietta Square!

Check out The Local Marietta here.

6. Good Kitchen+Market

Food type: American

Kid’s menu highlights: Healthy and nutritious are the hallmarks of this restaurant’s meals, and that shines through on the kid’s menu with tasty selections that are sure to please.

Kids can try mashed parmesan cauliflowers or zoodles (zucchini noodles), or they can always opt for a popular stand-by like chicken strips or meatballs. For breakfast, there’s a separate menu featuring things like egg bites and pancakes.

As an extra incentive, kids receive a “treat token” with their meal that they can turn in for a special dessert after they eat!

What Marietta families are saying: People can’t stop talking about the amazing and cozy atmosphere that Good Kitchen+ Market offers.

The restaurant truly is family-friendly, providing a selection of books and fun toys for kids to enjoy during their visit.

Some of the most talked-about meals are the bacon cheeseburger, avocado bacon breakfast, and avocado toast!

Check out Good Kitchen+Market here.

7. Twisted Kitchen

Food type: American

Kid’s menu highlights: You don’t need a kid’s menu when kids can design and concoct their meal exactly to their liking.

Let your kids choose their favorites from a wide selection of ingredients as they build their own wraps, pasta dishes, or salads.

You can choose a protein, pasta, sauce, and an array of toppings including bacon, cheddar cheese, and zucchini (just to name a few).

What Marietta families are saying: Kids love being able to create their own dishes by choosing from a variety of options including everything from veggies to spices, cheeses, and more.

The buffalo chicken alfredo is a hit with the kids, and you can get in and out quickly if that is what you’re looking for; sometimes a very needed feature when you’re dining with children!

The combinations are pretty endless when you decide to build your own bowl; they also offer gluten-free options. The vodka and marinara sauces are quite good too!

Check out Twisted Kitchen here.

8. The Pirate’s Boil

Entrance and host stand at The Pirate's Boil

Food type: Seafood

Kid’s menu highlights: Although you might not see a kid’s menu, the fare at this eatery is kid-friendly, featuring favorites like fried shrimp, chicken tenders, Po’ boys, and sliders, as well as a selection of fun-flavored ice creams.

You might just want to make sure to choose “kid spice” when you’re selecting your spice level.

And if you pop in during the summer, your older kids will love sharing the family-style seafood boils with shrimp, sausage, potatoes, and more.

Food and kids meal from The Pirate's Boil

What Marietta families are saying: Guests who dine here say they can’t wait to come back for more!

The staff is extremely attentive, making sure that your food is made exactly how you like it, with the perfect amount of spice for you.

The vibe is awesome, with great music, and there’s a fully stocked bar, parents; if someone wants to grab a cocktail!

(Note: The Pirate’s Boil is currently open for curbside and takeout, with dine-in service beginning May 29, 2020.)

Check out The Pirate’s Boil here.

9. Stockyard Burgers & Bones

Food type: American, Burgers

Kid’s menu highlights: Since this place is known for awesome burgers, your kids may want to try the cheeseburger off of the kid’s menu; or they can opt for a corn dog or grilled cheese.

You can also opt to have chicken strips served grilled instead of fried. All kid’s meals come with a choice of sweet potato tots, carrot sticks, or frites.

What Marietta families are saying: This is a very popular restaurant in the area, featuring a stand-out bread pudding that has a hint of Whiskey.

Both the burgers and ribs are frequently mentioned as some of the best that people have ever had.

It’s a nice place to bring the entire family, and the staff is friendly and patient. It’s also a great place to grab some drinks with friends.

Check out Stockyard Burgers & Bones here.

Wrapping Up

Marietta is a great place to enjoy time with family, and with so many family-friendly options, you don’t have to be nervous about taking your kids out to eat.

No matter if you’re in the mood for breakfast, burgers, southern charm, or vegetarian fare, Marietta has something for everyone.

There are restaurants that go the extra mile when it comes to accommodating picky eaters, and others that seem to cater specifically to families and making everyone feel right at home.

What’s your favorite kid-friendly restaurant in Marietta? What did I miss?

Hope this helps!

(And while you’re in Georgia, don’t forget to check out the best kid-friendly restaurants in Athens, GA.)