The 9 Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Athens, GA

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Downtown Athens

Going out to eat with your kids can be a risky endeavor.

You’re never quite sure how they’ll react to the food (or worse, how they’ll behave).

That’s why it’s super important to pick the right kind of restaurant if you’re going to chance it.

And if you live in Athens, Georgia, you’re in luck — there are tons of great family friendly restaurants in Athens!

So what are the best kid friendly restaurants in Athens, GA?

Here’s my list in no particular order:

  1. Ted’s Most Best
  2. Home.made
  3. White Tiger Gourmet
  4. The Place
  5. Cali N Titos
  6. The Table Bistro
  7. Mama’s Boy
  8. The Grit
  9. Big City Bread Cafe

Below, I’ll explain what kinds of food each restaurant has, some highlights from the kid’s menu, and share a little about the atmosphere and what makes each one so great for children.

1. Ted’s Most Best

Teds Most Best pizza in Athens GA

Food type: Pizza & Italian

Kids menu highlights: Who needs a kid’s menu at a pizza joint? The little ones will love a simple pie from the Build Your Own Pizza section of the menu, or maybe a margherita if they’re feeling adventurous.

As a backup, you might order them the Kid’s Spaghetti made just for kiddos.

What Athens families are saying: People rave about Ted’s and seem to really enjoy bringing their kids along for dinner here.

For starters, you can sit out on the patio when the weather’s nice, and Ted’s Most Best offers a sand play area for kids that families love.

Expect a really casual vibe and affordable prices (not to mention great happy hour deals). You can sit here with the family and really take your time to unwind and enjoy your meal.

Check out Ted’s Most Best here.

2. Home.made

Food type: Southern

Kids menu highlights: Warning, there’s no full-time kid’s menu at home.made, but we’ve heard the staff is super accommodating and will modify or create kid-friendly dishes to suit your little ones’ needs.

Most kids will love the fried chicken or side mac ‘n cheese, or the fish if they’re a little adventurous.

(The menu is seasonal and may change, however.)

What Athens families are saying: This is a super hip and delicious spot for seasonal Southern food in Athens.

It’s a little on the fancier side for kids, but that doesn’t mean they won’t fit in here.

The staff is wonderful and the restaurant is just cozy and casual enough to accommodate them.

Visitors mentioned that the waiter will often bring out a kid’s activity box to keep the little ones entertained!

Check out home.made here

3. White Tiger Gourmet

White Tiger Gourmet in Athens, GA

Food type: Casual American

Kids menu highlights: Your kids will love plenty of things on the main menu, from the burgers to the hot dogs to the mac ‘n cheese and more.

You can also order small versions of some of White Tiger’s most popular dishes.

What Athens families are saying: Athens parents and kids absolutely LOVE this place.

Just look at the photo above. Look at that colorful decor!

Plus, you can eat outside on a picnic table in the woodchipped lot, bring your dogs, let your kids play the piano, and more.

White Tiger Gourmet patio
Outdoor seating at White Tiger

The vibe here is super laid back, the food is affordable, delicious, and unpretentious — it’s the perfect place for a casual evening out with the whole fam.

Check out White Tiger Gourmet here

4. The Place

Food type: Southern Comfort

Kids menu highlights: Plenty for the children to eat here, from the chicken and biscuits, to the burger, and even the bruschetta (which is a fan favorite).

The menu is seasonal and rotates frequently, but you’ll always be able to get some basic Southern-style dishes for kids here along with a few more adventurous options.

What Athens families are saying: Families love bringing the kids here, primarily because the kid-friendly food is so scrumptious and affordable.

The Place also gets high marks for a friendly and accommodating staff.

The digs are cozy and simple, yet spacious — with an upstairs area and some outdoor seating so the kids will have plenty of room to move around if need be.

Check out The Place here

5. Cali N Tito’s

Food type: Latin & Caribbean

Kids menu highlights: If your kids aren’t old enough or bold enough to try a Cuban sandwich or fish tacos, they’ll dig almost everything on the kids menu:

Hot dogs served over french fries, cheese quesadillas, chicken fingers, and butterfly shrimp are all on offer here!

What Athens families are saying: The food is great here, but Athens parents love Cali N Tito’s for one reason:

The outdoor seating area!

It’s got everything — a spacious picnic-table vibe, slides, play structures, and even some coin-operated kids rides.

Warning: This place can get packed with families around dinner, but that should tell you how much fun it is.

Check out Cali N Tito’s here

6. The Table Bistro

Food type: New American fare

Kids menu highlights: No dedicated kids menu here, but the chefs and staff are super accommodating to families and kids with varying palette levels.

A half serving of the pesto pasta is a favorite among families who’ve visited The Table.

What Athens families are saying: Sometimes, you want something besides chicken nuggets or a burger on a patio.

If you’re into a little bit more of an upscale food selection, but at a place that’s comfortable and welcoming of kids, The Table is a great choice. It’s not the kid of place where toddlers can freely run around, but there’s outdoor seating and everyone working here is pretty chill.

One reviewer put it this way: High-end food without the high price or pretention.

Check it out for a pseudo date night with the kids in tow.

Check out The Table here

7. Mama’s Boy

Food type: Southern breakfast, lunch, and brunch

Kids menu highlights: Your kids will flip for the food here.

Don’t miss the kid’s burger, biscuits and gravy, or the legendary cinnamon roll.

What Athens families are saying: Mama’s Boy pretty much checks all of the kid-friendly boxes.

Kids menu? Yep. Delicious breakfast and treats? Yep. High chairs available? Yes.

Big servings? You bet. Affordable prices? Absolutely.

Mama’s Boy is the best breakfast and brunch spot in town if you want to bring the little ones. Bar none.

Check out Mama’s Boy here

8. The Grit

Food type: Vegetarian & Vegan

Kids menu highlights: There aren’t too many vegetarian restaurants you’d want to bring the kids to, so The Grit fills a really important need out there for some parents!

Your kiddos, vegetarian or not, will love the kids grilled cheese, mac ‘n cheese, nachos, quesadillas, sweet potato fries, and more.

If they’re up for something from the adult menu, they’ll dig the big grilled cheese smelt, burrito, or a fancied up quesadilla.

What Athens families are saying: Cozy, casual vibe and outdoor seating + awesome kids menu = a win in my book.

You don’t usually see vegetarian, vegan, and other specialty restaurants that do such a great job catering to families with kids.

If you’re a vegetarian or if you have a young one budding in your family, this is the best place to eat in Athens.

Check out The Grit here

9. Big City Bread Cafe

Big City Bread in Athens
Big City cafe’s outdoor patio decked out for a wedding

Food type: American breakfast & brunch + bread & pastries

Kids menu highlights: Kids gobble up the options here at Big City Bread, whether you’re stopping in for breakfast, lunch, or brunch.

There are plenty of easy-to-eat staples to choose from including french toast, eggs any way, biscuits, burgers, and simple sandwiches.

What Athens families are saying: Big City Bread is legendary for families with kids.

Parents in the area love that it opens early, has plenty of outdoor space, welcomes dogs (!), and gives out chalk so the kids can draw on the sidewalk outside.

What’s not to love?

Check out Big City here

Wrapping Up

Athens is a great town for food, and it’s not a place where you should have to be nervous about taking the kids out with you.

Whether you’re craving breakfast, brunch, upscale, or vegetarian fare, Athens has something for everyone.

Sometimes the kitchen is great at accommodating picky kids, and other times the entire restaurant experience seems to be built around making families comfortable and welcome.

What’s your favorite kid-friendly restaurant in Athens? What did I miss?

Hope this helps!