50+ Boy and Girl First Names That Go With the Last Name Miller

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Welcome, Miller family!

What a terrific, classic, and strong last name you have. Picking a first name to go with should be a piece of cake.


Well, the only bad news about your last name is that there are SO many options that sound good with it, it can be tough to narrow them down.

Allow us to help.

Here are some of the best boy and girl first names that sound good with the last name Miller.

I’ve compiled these from baby name databases, parent discussion forums, and other sources, then whittled them down to the ones I personally think sound the best.

Hope it helps!

25+ Girl First Names That Go with Miller

Let’s mosy on into the list!

Did you know that a lot of these ideas are actual choices and runners-up of parents named Miller? (OK, a few are unique suggestions of my own. Hope you like them!)

  1. Adira Miller
  2. Daria Miller
  3. Elara Miller
  4. Eleni Miller
  5. Fleur Miller
  6. Gaia Miller
  7. Isadora Miller
  8. Jovana Miller
  9. Kaida Miller
  10. Liora Miller
  11. Maren Miller
  12. Petal Miller
  13. Rhea Miller
  14. Thalia Miller
  15. Tilda Miller
  16. Valencia Miller
  17. Vesper Miller
  18. Zora Miller
  19. Ava Miller
  20. Charlotte Miller
  21. Harper Miller
  22. Isla Miller
  23. Lily Miller
  24. Maya Miller
  25. Nora Miller
  26. Ruby Miller
  27. Scarlett Miller
  28. Zoe Miller

25+ Boy First Names That Go with Miller

  1. Alaric Miller
  2. Arlo Miller
  3. Caius Miller
  4. Cassius Miller
  5. Darian Miller
  6. Finlay Miller
  7. Gideon Miller
  8. Idris Miller
  9. Jett Miller
  10. Kael Miller
  11. Leif Miller
  12. Peregrine Miller
  13. Phoenix Miller
  14. Ronan Miller
  15. Soren Miller
  16. Theron Miller
  17. Torin Miller
  18. Vance Miller
  19. Zephyr Miller
  20. Benjamin Miller
  21. Ethan Miller
  22. Henry Miller
  23. Jackson Miller
  24. Liam Miller
  25. Noah Miller
  26. Owen Miller
  27. Samuel Miller
  28. William Miller

So many great choices to go with Miller, and I included lots of out-of-the-box ideas along with some more popular names. My favorite for a girl would have to be Charlotte Miller. For a boy, I love Jett Miller.

Meaning and Origin of the Last Name Miller

The surname Miller has its roots in both English and Scottish origins. Like so many occupation-based surnames, the name comes from the occupation of a miller, a person who operated a grain mill.

It’s primarily derived from the Old English word “mylenweard” which means “guardian of the mill”. The Scottish variation of the name comes from the Gaelic word “muilleoir” which means “miller”.

Some famous people with the last name Miller include Arthur Miller, the renowned American playwright; Glenn Miller, the famous American jazz musician; and Henry Miller, the American writer and painter.

Wrapping Up

Try visiting some discussion forums if you need more ideas. Babycenter, reddit, Nameberry, and more are great places for baby name research, and you can start your own brainstorm thread if you’re up for it!

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Hope this helps!