50 Boy and Girl First Names That Go With the Last Name Rodriguez

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Hey there, Rodriguez family!

Great last name, by the way. One of the most popular and terrific-sounding names in the Spanish-speaking world.

You have so many awesome first name choices for your baby, but it may help to narrow them down to a strong shortlist. Shall we?

Here are some of the best boy and girl first names that sound good with the last name Rodriguez.

I’ve compiled these from baby name databases, parent discussion forums, and other sources, then whittled them down to the ones I personally think sound the best.

Hope it helps!

25 Girl First Names That Go with Rodriguez

Let’s rock ‘n roll right into the list!

A lot of these are real runners-up and finalists shared by real parents named Rodriguez. The list also includes a few unique ideas of my own. Enjoy!

  1. Sofia Rodriguez
  2. Emma Rodriguez
  3. Isabella Rodriguez
  4. Valentina Rodriguez
  5. Victoria Rodriguez
  6. Aria Rodriguez
  7. Mia Rodriguez
  8. Catalina Rodriguez
  9. Gabriela Rodriguez
  10. Mariana Rodriguez
  11. Natalia Rodriguez
  12. Ana Rodriguez
  13. Amelia Rodriguez
  14. Lucia Rodriguez
  15. Maya Rodriguez
  16. Paloma Rodriguez
  17. Penelope Rodriguez
  18. Ximena Rodriguez
  19. Camila Rodriguez
  20. Daniela Rodriguez
  21. Elena Rodriguez
  22. Esperanza Rodriguez
  23. Estrella Rodriguez
  24. Fatima Rodriguez
  25. Giselle Rodriguez

25 Boy First Names That Go with Rodriguez

  1. Sebastian Rodriguez
  2. Ethan Rodriguez
  3. Daniel Rodriguez
  4. Alexander Rodriguez
  5. Benjamin Rodriguez
  6. Santiago Rodriguez
  7. Samuel Rodriguez
  8. Mateo Rodriguez
  9. Adrian Rodriguez
  10. Leonardo Rodriguez
  11. Isaac Rodriguez
  12. Julian Rodriguez
  13. Andres Rodriguez
  14. Diego Rodriguez
  15. Xavier Rodriguez
  16. Gabriel Rodriguez
  17. Hector Rodriguez
  18. Carlos Rodriguez
  19. Luis Rodriguez
  20. Miguel Rodriguez
  21. Antonio Rodriguez
  22. Francisco Rodriguez
  23. Alejandro Rodriguez
  24. David Rodriguez
  25. Jose Rodriguez

So many great options, right? My favorite for a girl would have to be Isabella Rodriguez, and for a boy, Mateo Rodriguez. But that’s just my opinion not taking into account any cultural or family significance of the names in question, so go with your heart!

Meaning and Origin of the Last Name Rodriguez

Rodriguez is a Spanish patronymic surname derived from the given name Rodrigo or Roderick, which means “famous ruler” in Old Germanic.

The surname has Visigothic roots and originated in the Kingdom of León (present-day Spain) in the 9th century. The “ez” signifies “son of,” making Rodriguez a common surname in Spain and Hispanic countries.

Today, Rodriguez is the 60th most common surname in the world, extremely common in both Spanish and English-speaking countries.

Famous people with the last name (for inspiration!0 include Alex Rodriguez, the former professional baseball player; Michelle Rodriguez, an actress known for her roles in the Fast and Furious franchise; Robert Rodriguez, a filmmaker; and Gina Rodriguez, an actress known for her role in the TV show Jane the Virgin.

Wrapping Up

Here’s my favorite tip for getting more first name ideas that go with Rodriguez.

Visit a discussion forum like Nameberry or Babycenter and use the search function to find old threads discussing this exact topic. You’ll likely find hundreds of pages and thousands of suggestions.

You can even start a new thread!

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