ABCD Dinosaur Song (Full Lyrics & Alternate Versions)

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ABCD Dinosaur song and lyrics

My daughter keeps learning new songs at school and I keep writing about them.

(What else am I supposed to do when I can’t get them out of my head?)

Her latest obsession is a little diddy called “ABCD Dinosaur.”

She started singing it and clapping along in the car one day. I had never heard of it before, so I wanted to look it up and see what the lyrics were and if she had missed any verses.

Turns out, nope! She was on top of it.

But if you’re a parent who’s wondering what the deal is with this nursery rhyme, here are the lyrics, some alternates, and other things to know about ABCD Dinosaur!

ABCD Dinosaur Full Lyrics (Multiple versions)

In my searches, I’ve discovered a few different versions of this song with minor tweaks here and there to the lyrics.

The below version is probably the most common and popular.

In fact, this is what my daughter came home singing one day after school!

Check it out:

A-B-C-D Dinosaur

That is what the D stands for

Some are big and some are small

I like dinosaurs most of all

A-B-C-D Dinosaur

That is what the D stands for

Here is another version — it’s less common but sure to make your kids giggle.

If they’ve learned the more common version above, add this one as a second verse to score some serious parent points!

A-B-C-D Dinosaur

That is what the D stands for

Dinosaurs are really neat

They have prehistoric feet

A-B-C-D Dinosaur

That is what the D stands for

You can listen to the first and more common set of lyrics in the video below!

Dinosaurs A to Z by Pinkfong (Difference & Lyrics Explained)

ABCD Dinosaur is similar in spirit to, but shouldn’t be confused with, the song Dinosaurs A to Z.

Dinosaurs A to Z is a kids’ song created by Pinkfong (of Baby Shark fame), and has over 3 million worldwide views on YouTube.

It’s a lot longer and more complex than the preschool rhyme above, but it’s still pretty fun.

Here are the full lyrics for the Pinkfong version:

Dino ABC! Dino ABC!

Sing dinosaurs A to Z!

Woo, woo, woo, woo!

Dino ABC! Dino ABC!

Come on, sing with me now.

Here we go!

A – Ankylosaurus

B – Brachiosaurus

C- Compsognathus

D – Deinonychus

E – Elasmosaurus

F – Fabrosaurus

G – Gallimimus

H – Hadrosaurus

I – Iguanodon

J – Jaxartosaurus

K – Kentrosaurus

L – Lambeosaurus

M – Megalosaurus

N – Nodosaurus

Everybody, it’s time for chorus!

Dino ABC! Dino ABC!

Sing dinosaurs A to Z!

Woo, woo, woo, woo!

Dino ABC! Dino ABC!

Sing dinosaurs A to Z!

Oh, where are we?

O – Oviraptor

P – Protoceratops

Q – Quetzalcoatlus

R – Rhamphorhynchus

S – Spinosaurus

T – Tyrannosaurus

U – Utahraptor

V – Velociraptor

W – Wannanosaurus

X – Xenotarsosaurus

Y – Yangchuanosaurus

Z – Zigongosaurus

Everybody, let’s sing together.

Dino ABC! Dino ABC!

Sing dinosaurs A to Z! Dinosaurs!

Dino ABC! Dino ABC!

Don’t forget the dinosaurs’ names.

Yes, sir!

Probably a little bit harder for a toddler (or anyone!) to memorize, but catchy nonetheless!

And yes, as far as I can tell, these are all real dinosaurs.

The Yangchuanosaurus, for example, is a 26+ foot long cousin of the Allosaurus weighing over 2,200 pounds!

Are there hand movements or actions for the ABCD Dinosaur song?

No, there is no official dance or hand movement game for this nursery rhyme.

However, it’s common to clap along with the beat

(For example, you’d clap on “AB”, clap on “CD”, clap on “Dino” and clap on “Saur”!)

But other than that, there’s no dance or action required for this song.

You’re off the hook on this one, parents!

Wrapping Up

There’s not a whole lot to this song, it’s just a cute little riff off of the lyrics and melody of the original ABC song.

If you’re trying to up your song-lyrics game (it’s hard to keep up with toddlers, man), be sure to check out some other common songs they’re probably learning at school like:

OK, maybe they’re not learning that last one in preschool or daycare, but they’re bound to hear their friends singing it eventually.

Hope this helps, parents!