7 Simple Virtual Show & Tell Ideas for Kids

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All parents have, for better or worse, become familiar with virtual learning lately.

Your child’s teacher is no doubt working hard to employ every activity possible that will translate well into virtual learning.

One of these activities is Show and Tell. Because each individual student can be seen by everyone else, Show and Tell is easily employed in the virtual classroom.

But what are the best Show and Tell ideas for virtual learning? It’s actually not as difficult to come up with good presentation items as you might think!

Here’s a quick list of some of the best virtual Show and Tell ideas to get your wheels turning: 

  1. Favorite Item
  2. Room Tour
  3. Show Off Your Pet
  4. Craft Display
  5. Slideshow Presentation
  6. Drawing
  7. Object Starting With a Certain Letter or Number

And now, let’s take a closer look at each one and how you can get your little one ready for the big day.

Favorite Item

A very easy Show and Tell idea, this could be literally anything your child likes:

  • a favorite food
  • photo, toy
  • book
  • collection
  • or snack.

You can be extra creative here since you’re not needing to physically carry something to the school.

If your child likes to ski, she or he can simply pan over to the skis in the corner, or maybe they really like their bed and want to show the class!

To take it a little further, have your child come up with answers to some of these questions to go along with the presentation:

  • Why do you like this object?
  • When did you get it? Who gave it to you?
  • Is there a story behind it? Tell the story.

Room Tour

Children love to show off their bedrooms, and with virtual Show and Tell, it’s possible!

If your child would like to give their class a tour of their room, prepare by making it orderly ahead of time.

Then, write down a short list of stopping points on their tour.

They can share little stories or facts throughout the tour. It can even be staged like a wildlife or city tour.

Your child does not have to be limited to their own room.

He or she could give a tour of the living room, basement, kitchen, or even backyard (if your WiFi reaches that far).

Show Off Your Pet

A Zoom conference favorite, let your child show off his or her pet for virtual Show and Tell.

Make sure the camera angle is just right to give your child’s class a perfect view of the pet, whether it’s in a cage or sitting on the floor. 

When it’s presentation time, your child can talk about how old the pet is, a favorite memory with the pet, and how your child takes care of the pet.

If the pet does a trick, this could also be a fun time to put your pet’s talent on display.

Craft Display

Is your child a crafting fiend?

Let him or her show off their creative side by giving a Show and Tell presentation with a recent craft they made.

They can talk about what materials were needed, a step-by-step tutorial of how it was put together, how much time it took, and why they decided to do it in the first place.

They can even give a virtual tour of their crafting area or table, if they have one.

Slideshow Presentation

If you and your child can figure out the technological side of it, a slideshow presentation could be an appropriate Show and Tell activity.

One idea is displaying a family photo. Then, in each of the following slides, zoom in on one face and give some quick facts about that person.

Your child could also create a slideshow about their favorite animal, sport, or place.

You can easily make slideshows with Microsoft Office and Powerpoint, or by using Google Slides.


When technology isn’t your strong suit, your child could simply show a drawing that they did.

Popular topics are animals, nature, places and sports.

Just have your child make the drawing ahead of time.

During the Show and Tell time, your child can point out the different parts of the picture, explaining who is who or where it is, or some facts about the contents of the drawing.

Object Starting With a Certain Letter or Number

For a child and parent that just don’t know where to start, look no further than your child’s name and age.

You can pick something that starts with the same letter as your child’s name, or has the same amount or number as your child’s age.

For example, Bill can show and tell a banana, bicycle, and/or a ball.

If he is 7, he can show 7 of his favorite toy cars.

It’s a fun little twist on an incredibly simple idea, and perfect for Zoom and virtual learning.

Wrapping Up

Virtual learning has its benefits and its challenges.

Thankfully, Show and Tell can help make kids feel like they’re back in the classroom together.

Zoom and other video chats even allow them to show off things they maybe normally couldn’t, like a pet or their room.

Just make sure the technological side of it (like the camera, screen sharing, and wireless connection) are all squared away before presentation time.

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Hope this helps!