Is Sunshine House Daycare Worth It? (Review)

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Are you looking for care for your little one?

It’s no easy task, especially when you factor in your workout commute, cost, safety, allergies, education, and more. Finding a “good” school isn’t enough!

If you’re nervous about making the right choice, you have every right to be.

You may have come across a little place called Sunshine House in your research, and in this article we’re going to break it down:

Is SunShine House daycare worth it? Here’s a full review.

Sunshine House has been in operation since 1975! That’s over FORTY years of successful service. Parents rave about the high-quality of the teachers and the warm sense of community at each location. The curriculum is top-notch, as well, and most locations include meals and diapers. That makes Sunshine House an expensive but worthwhile option for daycare!

Let’s take a closer look at the costs, amenities, curriculum, pros, cons and more!

What is Sunshine House?

Sunshine House is a daycare and childcare facility that serves eight states and operates more than 100 schools with 2,000 educators and caregivers that care for around 12,000 children daily.

They uphold the vision, “partner with families to create and better world” and carry out the mission of “ to provide high-quality care and education- every child, every family, every day.

Sunshine House partners with over 30 non-profit organizations, and schools partner with local organizations multiple times a year to make a difference in their community.

Sunshine House brings to mind a small, out-of-home daycare, but don’t worry — this place is legit and meets all the legal requirements.

Teachers are required to either meet or exceed state requirements, are CPR certified, and undergo local, state, and federal background checks to ensure your child’s safety.

They also complete yearly training to stay up-to-date on the latest training to best serve your family.

Sunshine House Teaching Philosophy & Curriculum Explained

Sunshine House hosts a plethora of programs and works with you one-on-one to find the best fit.

They offer everything from infant and toddler daycare all the way up to after-school programs and camps for children 12 and younger.

Sunshine House follows the Creative Curriculum that is approved by EVERY state’s Department of Education. It engages all nine developmental areas that are pivotal for your child’s growth.

For infants specifically, your designated primary caregiver develops a lesson plan weekly and includes six activities for your child’s developmental goals.

It’s even posted in the nursery for easy review!

Sunshine House also incorporates Spanish AND Sign Language into its curriculum; by learning new languages at an early age, babies are a step ahead in the game with higher literacy rates and deeper understandings of cultures outside of their own.

Your infant’s day primarily consists of developmental exercises, being held, naps, and tummy time.

Once they’re in Toddler Childcare, they’re engaging in:

  • small group activities
  • going outside
  • music
  • story time
  • and movement time!

Early Pre-School involves many similar activities as Toddler Childcare plus the introduction of Spanish and Sign Language.

There’s also a heavier emphasis on building your child’s confidence, self-esteem, and leadership abilities.

Preschool at Sunshine House is all about:

  • encouraging social behaviors
  • enhancing fine and gross motor skills
  • logical thinking
  • and language development.

Each program builds upon the last, much like building blocks, so they don’t overwhelm your child. This method allows your child’s development to continue smoothly, seamlessly, and with no undue stress for your baby.

(What’s the difference between preschool and daycare?)

Pre-K is a time of pre-school assessment to gauge and ensure your child’s readiness for elementary.

Some goals for Pre-K are to follow classroom rules, teamwork, communication, knowing/spelling/writing their names, and following basic curriculum such as identifying colors, counting to 30, etc.

Before/After School programs with Sunshine House can be a huge help for working parents, depending on your needs.

Before school, Sunshine House can provide a safe, supervised environment, breakfast, and transportation; after school, there’s the same supervised environment, a snack, and even help with homework.

During school breaks, your local Sunshine House host winter/summer camps and go on exciting field trips and provide your child with experiences they’ll never forget.

Seeds of Literacy is a program unique to Sunshine House to expand and enhance your child’s level of literacy while also encouraging your child to be more confident and empathetic.

Sunshine House also practice the NFL’s program called Play 60 that ensures your child has at least 60 minutes of activity a day and engages in various activities to engage their imagination and promote teamwork.

Sunshine House Day to Day Procedures/Typical Day

What happens once your drop your baby or toddler off in the morning?

Well, for starters:

Sunshine House has an app so you can keep up with the latest updates on your child’s safety and education. You’ll get updates throughout the day and maybe even photos.

Through the app, you’re frequently updated on diaperings, naps, meals, and activities along with school and weather updates.

It’s not available at all schools, but it is something you can ask your center’s director about.

Buildings are secured with an electronic keypad and families receive unique pins to enter during business hours. All visitors must produce a valid ID to enter the facility.

Meals and snacks are provided at no extra charge and are approved by a licensed nutritionist. Sunshine House locations are peanut-free, and meal plans can be adapted to suit your child’s needs.

Children are provided with time outside daily, weather permitting.

Parents are also allowed to visit their children at any point in the day, and most locations have constant security cameras in the classrooms.

Your child should be dropped off/picked up in the classroom and will be signed in/out from an iPad.

Backpacks may not be allowed at your location, so it’s important to ask; toys and valuable items are also not allowed.

You’ll need to send your child with an extra pair of clothes and maybe even a family photo to be displayed in the classroom. Diapers may be included depending on the location.

The rest of the day will play out according to the curriculums described above!

Sunshine House Average Tuition & Examples

Tuition rates at Sunshine House vary upon hours needed, age, and region; tuition is also due weekly on Fridays for the upcoming week.

One Sunshine House location in Colorado has tuition listed online at $360 per week for full-time infant daycare.

Prices go down as children get older and need less care, or if you need only part-time care.

(Again, rates will vary by location, so check your local Sunshine House for up to date rates!)

Cards, cashier’s checks, and money orders are all accepted, and they do have a recurring payment service for your convenience.

You also have the chance to get up to $100 of FREE childcare when you refer a family to the Sunshine House.

Parents may use financial aid, and Sunshine House does offer a multi-child discount.

You can tour sunshine House in many ways, including a zoom tour, pre-recorded tour, and an in-person tour.

Touring is a must before you sign up!

What Real Parents Are Saying About Sunshine House Daycares (Reviews)

Here’s a look into what some parents have had to say about Sunshine House, via online reviews found on Google, Yelp, and parenting forums.

Kate from South Carolina (2020) writes:

The facility is clean, and the workers are friendly and thoughtful. The turnover is minimal … They genuinely love kids and nurturing and caring for them so I feel good driving the extra 20-min each way from work to take them to a place I trust.

No daycare is cheap, but they are very reasonable for the Mt. Pleasant area and include snacks and diapers and wipes in the weekly price. … My kids are healthy, smart, and happy, and this has been part of them getting there.”

Jade from Atlanta (2021) says:

“I have been bringing my son to the Sunshine House for almost two years now and love it! … I haven’t had any complaints since he’s been going there. It’s affordable and he’s grown so much since he started 2 years in Pre-K.

Overall, Sunshine House locations have had pretty consistent reviews that show professionality, safety, and genuine care for your children.

The only downfalls of Sunshine House that are often seen are short-staffing, which is pretty common everywhere with the Covid-19 pandemic in full swing.

Some parents have complained of dirty or outdated facilities, but that’s generally a case-by-case basis.

Sunshine House also seems to be relatively affordable, at least compared to other big name daycares — none of which are cheap, however!

(For more, check out the best daycares here.)

Overall, parents rave about the high standard of care their children receive here. So it’s well worth a spot on your daycare short-list.

Wrapping Up

Sunshine House has a great curriculum for kids of all ages, from infants to after-school for big kids.

A lot of parents love the leg-up their kids get from the inclusion of sign language and Spanish. Plus, you can be sure your kids will move their bodies a lot here, including lots of outside time!

Sunshine House daycare, like most childcare these days, is a little expensive. But if you can make the budget work, I’d say Sunshine House is worth the price.

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Hope this helps!