12 Romantic Anniversary Ideas for a Pregnant Wife

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Pregnant wife and husband kissing

Happy Anniversary!

Whether you’re planning a special celebration of your marriage (or honestly, any kind of date night at all) during pregnancy, you’ve probably run into some roadblocks.

The unfortunate truth is that there are so many things you and/or your wife can’t do when pregnant, depending on how far along, including:

  • Drink wine, beer, or cocktails (a big one!)
  • Eat sushi or raw meat/fish
  • Ride rollercoasters
  • Fly
  • Sit in a hot tub
  • And the list goes on

There are other challenges, too, like unpredictable appetites and cravings (or anti-cravings) during pregnancy, nausea and other related ailments.

If you’re here looking for some anniversary ideas for your pregnant wife, I’ve got some tips and activities to help get your creative juices flowing.

Overall, instead of planning your anniversary around nice wine or champagne, consider building around food! A delicious dinner together is a great way to celebrate.

But if a fancy restaurant is out of the question or too risky, there’s really nothing wrong with just taking it easy at home and acknowledging the moment in smaller ways.

Let’s take a closer look.

1. Enjoy an epic feast

Pregnant ladies can’t drink, but they sure love to eat.

The growing baby needs a ton of calories and nutrients to keep, well, growing!

So rather than choosing a nice restaurant for your anniversary dinner based on their wine list, pick somewhere that’s just going to be really fun and delicious to eat at.

One of our favorite occasion restaurants is The Melting Pot.

It’s insanely delicious, of course, but what really makes it special is how fun and interactive it is.

Some meals are just over too quickly — you order, eat, and leave. But fondue is an experience that can last a few hours over several different courses.

It’s an awesome dinner idea for you and your pregnant wife.

2. Book a couple’s or solo spa experience

Anniversary massage spa day

A spa day, or at least a massage, is almost always an excellent gift idea for the wifey.

During pregnancy? It’s practically a no-brainer.

Pregnancy is really hard work, on the mind and body alike.

Prenatal massage is proven to lower stress levels and increase serotonin and dopamine (good feeling hormones) in pregnant women. It’s even linked to fewer complications during childbirth.

If you’re up for it, book a couple’s spa day experience. Partners and husbands can get a massage, as well, and a pedicure or skin treatment, if you’re up for it!

Otherwise, just send mom (or mom-to-be) off for some much needed R&R.

3. Go away together

If you don’t have other kids, or can get someone to watch them for a night or two, now is a perfect time for a couple’s getaway.

Sure, it’ll be a little different than you’re used to.

(No copious wine at dinner followed by a soak in the hot tub.)

But being away together is special all the same.

Go for a big resort vibe with lots of activities and amenities, or pick a small cabin or Airbnb and just relax. Bring your favorite games or books, or do some light walking in nature if the accommodations allow.

There are likely tons of good anniversary getaway options within a few hours drive from your home.

4. Take it easy

There’s really nothing wrong with doing nothing for your anniversary.

I mean, sure, you should acknowledge the significance of the holiday in some way.

But if you aren’t up for a fancy dinner or hotel getaway, who cares?

A lot parents in this situation get carryout and throw on a movie or whatever TV show they’re binging.

(And go to sleep early. That’s implied, right?)

Honestly? Sounds pretty romantic to me!

5. Plan your next anniversary

A globe for planning travel

So maybe you can’t completely blow it out this year.

No worries! Soon enough, you’ll be new parents (or parents again) and dying for a getaway!

It’s fun to pull out a map or globe and think about what you might do once you can get away from the kids for a few days (and no one’s pregnant!).

Plan your next trip or start prepping for next year’s anniversary.

6. Get frisky

Pregnancy comes with fatigue, unpredictable hormones, nausea, and more fun stuff that make sex a little tricky.

But your sex life will probably take a big hit for a while after the baby is born, so your anniversary night might be a good time to get a little romantic.

Besides, sex during pregnancy has tons of benefits for mom and the baby.

(Check out my guide on what to do after the kids are asleep for an extra idea or two.)

7. See a show

Dinner just not quite the same without splitting a bottle of wine?

I hear you.

How about going out on the town for something a little different — you can take in a show or a play in your area to make a night out feel really special.

Look for concerts, stand-up comedy, plays, musicals, and more.

8. Hit the pool or beach

Depending on where you live and the time of year, a day at the beach can be SUPER relaxing and romantic.

Bring a picnic and something to quench your thirst — our favorite is sparkling water (like La Croix or San Pellegrino), which feels a little more fun and special than just plain water.

Heck, whip up a couple of poolside or beachside mocktails!

When warm weather is an option, definitely take advantage of it.

9. Eat cake & drink special bubbly

If it’s your first anniversary, make a night out of defrosting your frozen wedding cake top and digging in.

Pair it with some bubbly (you can get delicious non-alcoholic champagnes at a lot of stores) and reminisce on photos and memories of the year of marriage that was.

If you’re a veteran couple, why not buy a new cake and replicate the experience?

10. Take a cooking class

Sitting down to an epic feast is a lot of fun for pregnant wives and their partners.

But, if you’re up for it, it could be even more fun and romantic to take a cooking class together.

Sushi is out, but you can probably find a class to make dishes like pasta, breads, and international fare.

Try Sur la Table — they have locations and classes in and around most major cities.

11. Be a kid again

Swap deep romance for some childlike fun for an anniversary date during pregnancy.

Our favorites are bowling and mini-golf!

They’re safe, don’t involve any running, and are relatively cheap — meaning you can leave mid-game if anyone gets tired.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, try something new like laser tag or axe throwing.

(You might want to talk to your doctor about participating in any physical games like these while pregnant.)

12. Flowers & chocolates

Chocolates as anniversary gift

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with the classics.

Even if you decide not to do anything special, or even anything at all, for a pregnant anniversary — at least acknowledge the day with a thoughtful gesture.

The chocolate is sure to be appreciated — and there’s some evidence that dark chocolate, in particular, has tons of benefits for pregnant women.

In any case, your pregnant partner will appreciate being appreciated!

Wrapping Up

Your options for anniversary celebrations while pregnant are a little bit more limited than normal (no alcohol, potential for nausea and fatigue, no flying or long trips), but that shouldn’t stop you from making the most of it.

Sitting down to a delicious dinner together and just talking can be so relaxing and romantic. But if you do that all the time, spice things up with a cooking class, mini-golf night, or a spa day!

What’s your favorite anniversary idea during pregnancy? What did I miss?

Hope this helps, everyone!

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