Should You Put Blackout Curtains in the Nursery? (Pros & Cons)

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You’re likely here for one of two reasons. 

First, you might be the first-time parent researching how to prepare for your little one’s arrival, trying to decide which nursery items you need to pick up.

Or, you could be the parent of a baby who just won’t sleep when you want them to! You’re the parent with the sign on the doorbell saying “Please don’t ring, baby sleeping,” flinching at any noise during naptime, and you’re ready to try anything for some relief.

After all, babies can be a lot of work, and we all just need a nap to last more than 30 minutes (or at least some peace and quiet).

Blackout curtains, essential oils and sound machines are among the most popular options to turn to for a baby in need of some kind of sleep aid.

Blackout curtains are proven to have a positive effect on baby’s ability to fall asleep more easily and sleep longer, but are also not for every baby.

So should you put blackout curtain in a nursery?

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Blackout curtains in a baby nursery have a ton of benefits. Mainly, they help older babies and toddlers nap or sleep later by blocking out sunlight — some brands even block noise and help insulate the room! But blackout curtains can sometimes be a crutch and babies may have trouble falling asleep without them (on visits or vacations), so be advised when and how often you utilize them!

Let’s learn more about the pros and cons of installing blackout curtains in the nursery.

Benefits of installing blackout curtains in the nursery

Let’s first look into the reasons you should invest in a set of blackout curtains for your baby’s nursery.

They block out all light so your baby can sleep more

The obvious benefit of blackout curtains in the nursery: blocking out all light in the room where your baby sleeps.

This eliminates many distractions that could keep your baby from falling asleep, so the only option they have is to close their eyes.

Blackout curtains are especially useful for the times of year when the sun sets late or rises early.

Because we all love when our kids won’t go down easily in the summer, or waking up with the sun in the early hours…said no one ever (except maybe our babies would say that if they could talk)!

You also may want to consider your neighborhood.

Do you live in the city with a lot of light pollution at night (car headlights, street lights, etc)? Then blackout curtains can be quite useful for blocking out that unwanted nighttime light.

They can have a dual purpose

Some blackout curtains not only block out light, but also block out noise. 

Some do both of these things and act as a thermal barrier against outside elements, keeping the room cooler in the summer or warmer in the winter.

However, not all blackout curtains do this. If you want curtains that do all these things, you will have to read in the product description to be sure they are up for the task.

Great for when baby suddenly has a hard time napping

Usually around 6 months or so, a lot of babies, even ones with a very established sleep routine, will turn a corner and suddenly have problems with their daytime naps.

Most babies go through phases like this, and depending on the severity of the nap problem, blackout curtains can be a lifesaver.

Many parents have hailed the seemingly magical powers of the blackout curtains, claiming that they completely solved any nap issues right away.

This makes blackout curtains of any price a great investment!

(Check the current price on the top-rated blackout curtains on Amazon right now.)

Drawbacks of nursery blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are truly amazing, but they are not for every situation or baby.

Here are some things that you should think about before you make the plunge.

They can create dependency

One possible drawback to installing blackout curtains is that your baby will likely only be able to nap or fall asleep in the pitch-dark.

Depending on your lifestyle, this could be a big deal to you, or it might be a moot point.

If you’re a more on-the-go family that travels a lot and likes to spend time at others houses unrestricted by bedtime or naptime, your baby might have a hard time falling asleep in those other places without your special curtains.

However, if you don’t mind flowing with your baby’s schedule rather than your own, and you already stay home around these times anyway, this is likely a non-issue for you.

Really though, every baby is different.

You could try all the things to make your baby a more flexible sleeper, and it won’t matter. The fact is, some babies come out amazing sleepers, and some simply do not. 

That’s why we recommend doing everything possible to help everyone sleep better! And if blackout curtains will do that for you, go ahead and buy some.

They’re sometimes not great for newborns

If you’ve decided to install blackout curtains, you probably shouldn’t use them until your baby is at least 6 months old. 

That’s because, when your baby is newly born, he’s still trying to figure out his circadian rhythm and needs some sunlight to know when his days and nights are.

A baby sleeping most of the day is a great thing, as long as they sleep all night too! 

If you’re baby hasn’t arrived yet and you’re wondering if they will be able to nap with some sunlight, don’t worry.

Newborn babies have a remarkable ability to sleep anywhere and everywhere, even in a bright environment.

They can be expensive or not your style

Blackout curtains only come in certain kinds of material, and may not suit your style. Since they are becoming more and more popular for nurseries, a variety of colors and patterns will grow over time.

Speaking of the material, blackout curtains require a special and very thick kind of material.

This causes their price to be higher than your average curtains, especially if they are also thermal and noise-blocking. Even if nice blackout curtains don’t fit in your budget, though, you can find something similar for cheaper.

Wrapping up & Final Verdict

Deciding to put blackout curtains in your nursery is not a hard decision, especially if your baby is having problems sleeping the way you want them to.

We recommend that, if your budget can fit it in, go ahead and invest in them, if not for blackout reasons, for saving on your utility bills.

You always have the option to leave the curtains open when you want to.

However, wait to use the curtains until your baby is old enough to have established his days and nights. Otherwise, blackout curtains could be causing problems instead of solving them.

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