Baby Shampoo vs Regular Adult Shampoo: Is There a Real Difference?

Your first time giving baby a bath is quite a nerve-wracking experience.

You’ll be worried about the temperature of the water, crying, pooping, and of course, getting shampoo in their eyes!

You’ll undoubtedly wonder if you chose the right shampoo, if it’s gentle enough, if it’s good enough to get them clean.

What’s the deal with baby and infant shampoo anyway? What’s the difference between baby shampoo vs regular adult shampoo?

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Baby Powder vs Talcum Powder Explained for New Parents

It’s a well-known phenomenon that products branded for women will almost always come marked up.

If it’s pink, it costs more! That’s the rule!

But there’s something similar that happens with baby products. Sometimes it’s hard to know if you need to pay more for the baby version, or if the generic adult version will do just fine.

So let’s examine: What’s the difference between generic talcum powder vs baby powder?

Photo by Mike Mozart/Flickr

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How to Safely Elevate a Crib Mattress (2 ways)

You’d think it was some kind of miracle cure.

Having your baby sleep on an incline can supposedly help with everything from colic, to reflux, to common colds!

There is growing evidence these days that shows that may not be the case. However, many doctors and pediatricians still prescribe a slightly inclined sleeping position in certain cases.

How can you safely elevate a crib mattress at home? How can you elevate baby’s head while sleeping safely and properly?

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3+ Reasons Your Toddler Wakes Up Crying Every Morning

There was a week recently where my 4-year-old daughter kept waking up crying.

I’m talking INCONSOLABLE, just out of the blue, for no reason.

Nothing specific happened to set her off, she just woke up sad and cranky and hysterical, started bawling, and couldn’t seem to explain why.

This happened 4 or 5 days out of the entire week. My wife and I became extremely concerned.

What should you do if your toddler always wakes up crying every day, and why are they screaming or cranky every morning?

Crimfants CC BY-SA 2.0

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7 Things You Need to Know About Washing & Drying Baby Clothes

I’m pretty clueless about laundry.

Thankfully, as a dude, the majority of my clothes are simple. Throw them in on whatever wash cycle I feel like, haphazardly toss them in the dryer on basically any heat, and whala!

But when it comes to your kid’s clothes, and baby clothes in particular, you’ll want to be a little more mindful.

That begs the question: How do you wash and dry baby clothes properly without shrinking them? Can baby clothes go in the dryer? Should you use dryer sheets?


How to wash baby clothes

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Which Baby Monitors Cannot Be Hacked? (Technology explained)

You’ve probably heard the horror stories.

A baby monitor camera that starts moving on its own.

Hackers gaining access to cameras, WiFi, personal information, and more.

Baby monitors are meant to keep your children safe, but they’re often riddled with security gaps and vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited by even low-level crooks.

So which baby monitors cannot be hacked? What are the safest baby monitors from hackers and most secure types of baby monitors you should look into?

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What’s the Age Limit for Daycare? (Youngest & Oldest Explained)

One of the most common questions new parents have is when their babies can start daycare.

But you might be surprised how many parents wonder the opposite:

When does a child stop going to daycare, or when are they too old to attend?

Let’s take a look at the age limit for daycare, and the minimum and maximum ages a child can attend.

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Aquaphor vs Aquaphor Baby: Are They Really the Same?

There’s a lot of baby stuff you don’t need.

And then there’s Aquaphor.

You will absolutely need lots and lots of diaper cream for your baby, and Aquaphor will be your main Go-To for everyday use.

But when you’re shopping or building your registry, you’ll probably end up wondering:

What’s the difference between Aquaphor vs Aquaphor Baby? Are they the same thing with the same ingredients?

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Complete Guide to Taking Kids, Babies & Toddlers to the Pool

If you’ve got kids of any age, your summer plans should absolutely include as many pool days as possible.

There’s no better way to get everyone outside, away from screens, staying active, and having fun!

But beware. Pool days can be an “easy win” for parents, but they still require some forethought and planning.

So here’s my complete guide to family pool days, and everything you need to know about taking kids, babies, and toddlers to the pool.

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Complete Guide to Taking Kids, Babies & Toddlers to a Baseball Game

Play Ball!

If you’re thinking about taking your kids to a baseball game, I only have one thing to say…

… great idea!

Baseball is the perfect family sporting event to attend with the kiddos, for so many reasons. Regardless of what you think of the actual sport itself, EVERYONE can have a good time at a warm and sunny MLB game.

All it takes is a little prep and a few pro tips.

So here’s my full guide to taking kids, toddlers, and babies to a baseball game.

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