50 Boy and Girl First Names That Go With the Last Name Sullivan

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When I hear the name Sullivan, I can’t help but think of the lovable monster Sully from Monsters, Inc.

Just me?

You’ve got a great last name, and if you’re looking for a first name for your new baby, you’ve got a ton of choices.

Looking for some help narrowing them down? Allow me!

Let’s take a look at some of the best boy and girl first names that sound good with the last name Sullivan.

I’ve compiled these from baby name databases, parent discussion forums, and other sources, then whittled them down to the ones I personally think sound the best.

Let’s take a look!

25 Girl First Names That Go with Sullivan

Let’s slide right into the list!

Most of the ideas actually come from real parents named Sullivan who have shared their favorites online. I’ve also included some ideas of my own to beef up the list.

  1. Abigail Sullivan
  2. Adalyn Sullivan
  3. Aria Sullivan
  4. Ava Sullivan
  5. Brielle Sullivan
  6. Cadence Sullivan
  7. Charlotte Sullivan
  8. Delaney Sullivan
  9. Eliza Sullivan
  10. Emilia Sullivan
  11. Esme Sullivan
  12. Genevieve Sullivan
  13. Harper Sullivan
  14. Isla Sullivan
  15. Jade Sullivan
  16. Juliette Sullivan
  17. Kinsley Sullivan
  18. Lila Sullivan
  19. Maeve Sullivan
  20. Norah Sullivan
  21. Piper Sullivan
  22. Quinn Sullivan
  23. Rowan Sullivan
  24. Sienna Sullivan
  25. Willow Sullivan

25 Boy First Names That Go with Sullivan

  1. Aidan Sullivan
  2. Archer Sullivan
  3. Beckett Sullivan
  4. Caleb Sullivan
  5. Declan Sullivan
  6. Eli Sullivan
  7. Finn Sullivan
  8. Gabriel Sullivan
  9. Grayson Sullivan
  10. Harrison Sullivan
  11. Isaac Sullivan
  12. Jasper Sullivan
  13. Jonah Sullivan
  14. Kai Sullivan
  15. Leo Sullivan
  16. Liam Sullivan
  17. Mason Sullivan
  18. Miles Sullivan
  19. Nolan Sullivan
  20. Oliver Sullivan
  21. Owen Sullivan
  22. Parker Sullivan
  23. Rowan Sullivan
  24. Sawyer Sullivan
  25. Wyatt Sullivan

You have to give a lot of thought to whether you love or hate alliteration before choosing a name. Personally, for Sullivan, I don’t like it. My favorite choices would be, for a girl, Abigail Sullivan. And for a boy I love Aidan Sullivan. Something about that soft A sound really works!

Meaning and Origin of the Last Name Sullivan

The surname Sullivan is of Irish origin and is derived from the Gaelic name O’Suilleabhain, which means “descendant of Suilleabhain”. The name Suilleabhain is composed of the Irish words “suil”, meaning “eye”, and “dubh”, meaning “black”, or “dark”.

Therefore, the name Sullivan is often translated to mean “little dark-eyed one” or “hawk-eyed”. (Any Avengers fans out there?)

The Sullivan family originated in the province of Munster in southwestern Ireland, and the name is still most commonly found in that region today.

Throughout history, there have been many notable individuals with the last name Sullivan that you can look to for inspiration!

One of the most famous is John L. Sullivan, an American boxer who was the first heavyweight champion of gloved boxing. Another notable Sullivan is Ed Sullivan, famous TV personality and comedian. Other famous Sullivans include actress Susan Sullivan, musician Harry Sullivan, and football coach Dan Sullivan.

Wrapping Up

Still need more ideas?

Visit some discussion forums like Nameberry, Babycenter, or even Reddit. Search through the archives and you’re bound to find old threads on the topic. Start a new thread and brainstorm if you’re up to it!

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Hope this helps!