50 Boy & Girl First Names That Go With the Last Name Lee

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Choosing the perfect first name for your child can be a daunting task, especially when you factor in the last name. 

On top of that, you won’t have a lot of time! You’re busy getting the nursery ready, buying supplies, and more.

So if your last name is Lee, let’s save you some time, shall we?

Here are the best first names for a boy or girl that go with Lee.

I’ve compiled these from baby name databases, parent discussion forums, and other sources, then whittled them down to the ones I personally think sound the best.

Hope it helps!

25 Girl First Names That Go with Lee

And now, let’s leap right into the list!

Many of these ideas come from real parents named Lee, plus I’ve thrown in a few ideas of my own!

  1. Emily Lee
  2. Ava Lee
  3. Olivia Lee
  4. Chloe Lee
  5. Sophia Lee
  6. Grace Lee
  7. Emma Lee
  8. Lily Lee
  9. Harper Lee
  10. Isabella Lee
  11. Mia Lee
  12. Charlotte Lee
  13. Amelia Lee
  14. Abigail Lee
  15. Madison Lee
  16. Elizabeth Lee
  17. Ella Lee
  18. Victoria Lee
  19. Avery Lee
  20. Scarlett Lee
  21. Natalie Lee
  22. Hannah Lee
  23. Claire Lee
  24. Lila Lee
  25. Stella Lee

25 Boy First Names That Go with Lee

  1. Ethan Lee
  2. Benjamin Lee
  3. Alexander Lee
  4. Michael Lee
  5. Jacob Lee
  6. Christopher Lee
  7. Joseph Lee
  8. Gabriel Lee
  9. Oliver Lee
  10. Noah Lee
  11. Anthony Lee
  12. Thomas Lee
  13. Timothy Lee
  14. Jonathan Lee
  15. Asher Lee
  16. Caleb Lee
  17. Declan Lee
  18. Elijah Lee
  19. Grayson Lee
  20. Hudson Lee
  21. Isaac Lee
  22. Jasper Lee
  23. Maverick Lee
  24. Nolan Lee
  25. Rylan Lee

My favorite girl first name that pairs with Lee would have to be Madison Lee. For boys, I really love Grayson Lee. I think those multi-syllable names work great with a short last name like Lee.

But that’s just my opinion!

Meaning of the last name Lee

The last name Lee has several possible origins and meanings depending on the culture and language.

In English, Lee is a topographic surname that originally referred to someone who lived near a meadow or a clearing in the woods.

In Chinese, Lee is a surname that means “plum tree” or “plum”.

In Irish, Lee is a surname that is derived from the Gaelic word “Laoidhigh” which means “poet” or “hymn”. In Korean, Lee is a surname that is derived from the Chinese surname Li, and it means “plum” or “beautiful”.

There are tons of famous Lees to inspire you. There’s Bruce Lee, Spike Lee, Ang Lee, Peggy Lee, and more!

Wrapping Up

Need more ideas?

My go-to research method is to browse discussion forums like Nameberry, Babycenter, and Reddit and use the search function to find old threads on “first names that go with Lee.”

You can even start a new thread for some fresh ideas!

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Hope this helps!