50 Boy and Girl First Names That Go With the Last Name Davis

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If your last name is Davis, I have good news and bad news when it comes to picking a baby name.

First, the good news: Almost anything sounds good with David! It’s a common and flexible surname which gives you lots of choices.

The bad news? Anything sounds good with Davis! It can be hard to narrow down your list.

So let’s save everyone some time, and take a look at some of the best boy and girl first names that sound good with the last name Davis.

I’ve compiled these from baby name databases, parent discussion forums, and other sources, then whittled them down to the ones I personally think sound the best.

Let’s take a look!

25 Girl First Names That Go with Davis

Let’s dance our way into the list!

Wanna know something cool? Many of the names on this list actually come from real parents named Davis who have shared their runners-up and even final choices. I’ve also thrown in some ideas of my own.

  1. Harper Davis
  2. Piper Davis
  3. Eden Davis
  4. Delaney Davis
  5. Gia Davis
  6. Chloe Davis
  7. Elsie Davis
  8. Fiona Davis
  9. Georgia Davis
  10. Ivy Davis
  11. Juniper Davis
  12. Kira Davis
  13. Lila Davis
  14. Maren Davis
  15. Nola Davis
  16. Quinn Davis
  17. Ruby Davis
  18. Sadie Davis
  19. Tessa Davis
  20. Uma Davis
  21. Vera Davis
  22. Willa Davis
  23. Yara Davis
  24. Zara Davis
  25. Aria Davis

25 Boy First Names That Go with Davis

  1. Asher Davis
  2. Caleb Davis
  3. Declan Davis
  4. Everett Davis
  5. Felix Davis
  6. Graham Davis
  7. Holden Davis
  8. Isaiah Davis
  9. Jasper Davis
  10. Kian Davis
  11. Leo Davis
  12. Miles Davis
  13. Nolan Davis
  14. Owen Davis
  15. Quinn Davis
  16. Rhett Davis
  17. Sawyer Davis
  18. Theo Davis
  19. Vance Davis
  20. Xander Davis
  21. Zane Davis
  22. Wyatt Davis
  23. Levi Davis
  24. Kai Davis
  25. Jaxon Davis

My favorite girl name that goes with Davis would have to be Georgia Davis, and for a boy I really like Jaxon or Jackson Davis. But that’s just my opinion! What sounds the best to you?

Meaning of the Name Davis

The last name Davis is a surname with Welsh origins, meaning “son of David.” The name David is derived from the Hebrew name “Dawid,” which means “beloved.”

(Probably why you don’t see too many David Davises!)

The Davis surname is one of the most common surnames in the United States, with a ranking of seventh most frequently reported surname according to the 2000 United States census.

In Great Britain, however, the popularity of the surname is reversed, with the name being the 45th most common surname in England and the 68th most common in Wales.

The variant Davies is also a common spelling of the surname, which stems from the first name David, usually by way of the nickname Davy.

If you’re looking for some famous Davises for inspiration, you might recognize:

  • Jazz musician Miles Davis
  • Actress Geena Davis
  • Singer Sammy Davis Jr.
  • Actress Viola Davis
  • And more!

Wrapping Up

Need more ideas?

I do my research on discussion forums like Nameberry, reddit, Babycenter, etc. Use the search function to find “first names for Davis” and you’ll find a ton of old threads filled with ideas, and you can even kick off a fresh brainstorm in a new thread!

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Hope this helps!