KiwiCo Coupon & Promo Code (Always Current)

KiwiCo delivers awesome boxes of toys and activities for kids of all ages, right to your door.

I tried one of their activities a while back and had an absolute blast doing it on a cloudy afternoon at home with my daughter!

You can grab monthly subscription boxes or simple one-off activities in a box for gifts or rainy days.

It’s not cheap, but the quality is amazing and KiwiCo’s customer service is top-notch.

Click here and use code SHARE30 to get 30% off your KiwiCo order.

As a blogger, I get access to special deals and discounts like this one, and I’m really happy to be able to pass them along to my readers.

What else should you know about this KiwiCo discount code?

I might receive a commission for qualifying KiwiCo purchases or sign-ups, though it comes at no extra cost to you.

There are no strings attached, just my honest recommendation and a simple affiliate link for you to click on.

(And if you want to read more about my experience with this company, check out my full KiwiCo review here.)

I just like to be upfront about my relationship with all of the different brands I’m affiliated with.

Note: KiwiCo may change their prices or discounts at any time in the future, but as long as this page and the link above are active, you’ll receive a discount by using my link and the code SHARE30.

Hope this helps, parents!