The 3 Best Silicone Bibs for Babies & Toddlers Explained

Best silicone bibs for a baby or toddler

There’s a time and a place for waterproof, silicone baby bibs.

But when you really need them, they’re an absolute lifesaver!

Rubber or silicone bibs are really excellent for bottle feeding, messy eaters, babies transitioning to solid food, and young toddlers who like to make a mess.

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The 4 Best Diaper Bags for a Toddler Explained

Best diaper bags for a toddler

Watching your baby grow up is hard.

What’s not hard is finally being able to leave all the baby stuff at home when you leave the house!

You’ll still need a few things when you head out for the day with your toddler, but the load gets significantly lighter.


If you’re looking for the best diaper bag for a toddler, you’ll be happy to know that you can finally spring for something that doesn’t SCREAM “diaper bag” — a smaller purse-style or backpack-style bag will work just fine.

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A Helpful Newborn Baby Shopping List (with Pictures!)

Congratulations, it’s almost time to meet your new baby!

The bad news?

You have a TON of work to do to get ready.

You have to:

  • Design the nursery
  • Baby proof the house
  • And go shopping for all the baby essentials

But what exactly are the baby essentials you’ll need for a newborn?

If you’re like me, you don’t want a lot of fluff and explanation, just a straightforward list of everything you could possibly need as a new or first-time mom or dad.


Here is (almost) everything you’ll need on your shopping list for a newborn baby, with helpful pictures for the visually-inclined (I’m looking at you, fellow dads!).

Shopping list for newborn with pictures

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Bassinet vs Cradle (Differences & safety explained)

Bassinet vs cradle differences
Left by Ert/Flickr and Right by Only_point_five/Flickr

Getting ready to bring your new baby home?


Now… where are they going to sleep?

You’ve probably heard that there are some definite advantages to holding off on putting baby to sleep in a full-sized crib.

So how do you choose between pack ‘n plays, cradles, bassinets, and more?

In this article, we’ll talk about the differences and similarities between a bassinet vs a cradle, and if one is safer or better than the other.

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Pack ‘n Play vs Bassinet (Differences Explained)

Pack n play vs bassinet
Left by Ert/Flickr and Right by Selbe./Flickr

Of all the decisions you need to make when you have a new baby, you’d think where they sleep would be an easy one.

But nope.


And more to choose from.

Which one is the best, the safest, the most convenient?

In this article, I’m going to break down the main differences between pack ‘n plays vs bassinets.

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7 Brilliant Decluttering Ideas for Children’s Artwork Storage

How to store children's artwork

I love my daughter’s daycare.

I love the teachers, the kids, the other parents. I love how much she learns there.

There’s just one problem.

I can not handle the amount of artwork she brings home.

That picture above? That’s just a small fraction of what we have (that’s not already stored, hung up, or thrown away), and our daughter isn’t even 4-years-old at this writing. She brings home 2-4 new pieces of art every single day.

So what’s the best way to deal with children’s artwork storage? What are some creative ideas that really work?

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Can kids have cough drops? (I asked a doctor)

Can kids have cough drops

If you’re anything like me, you really dread taking your kid or toddler to the doctor.

It’s not that you don’t want them to feel better when they’re sick!

It’s just that, when they have run of the mill cold symptoms, coughs, etc., there’s often not much the doctor can do. And you usually have to take a half day off of work, have your child miss school, and more just to hear that they should rest and drink fluids.

So you turn to at-home remedies.

If your child or toddler has a nagging coughing, you might be wondering: Can kids have cough drops?

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I tried the OK to Wake Clock. Here’s what happened. (Review)

OK to Wake clock reviews

When daylight savings time hit recently (turning the clock back), we suddenly found ourselves waking up at horrifyingly early hours with our 3-year-old.

She’d start yelling on the baby monitor, or worse, charging down the stairs, between 5 and 6am.

It was still dark out.

Desperate for something that might help us keep our toddler from waking up too early, I started looking into sleep trainers, alarm clocks, and wake-up lights.

I was a little skeptical at first, and I didn’t want to spend $50+ on something I wasn’t sure would work. So I wound up getting the budget-friendly and relatively simple OK to Wake clock from Mirari.

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35 Fun Activities to Do with Your Toddler At Home

Toddler activities for home

You’re not really a parent to a toddler until you’ve thought:

“What the heck am I supposed to do with my kid all day?”

The easiest ways to keep a toddler busy and wear them out usually involve going outside. Going to parks, riding bikes, playing in the yard, etc.

But what if you’re stuck inside with a toddler? What are the best toddler activities you can do at home?

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